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Hibisicus by Lope ariyo

Lopè Ariyo Brings Contemporary Nigerian Food To The World With Hibisicus

Who’s For Dinner is very pleased to feature the new cookbook by Lopè Ariyo. After helping to judge HarperCollins/Red Magazine’s “The Next Star of African Food” competition in 2016 it is great to see that Hibisicus has come to life! Despite having some of the most rich and vibrant flavours in the world, African cookery has so far taken a back seat in the British food scene. Lopè Ariyo is a 23 year old cooking talent, fresh out of university who wowed the judges with her modern approach to Nigerian cuisine. After winning the competition and landing herself a book deal, Lopè is set to take the cookery world by storm and her wonderful new cookbook Hibiscus was published on 1st June.

Hibisicus by Lope Ariyo Hibisicus by Lope Ariyo

Featuring a stunning collection of delicious Nigerian recipes, Lopè has used the cooking she grew up with and has added her own British twist, adding contemporary touches to Nigerian classics. The book tells the story of Lope’s childhood through the dishes – from her early love affair with plantains, the street food from Lagos, all the way up to her Uncle Yomi’s baked eggs dance. It is a beautifully designed book with stunning images that make Nigerian food look as good as it actually tastes! By combing European ingrediants with African flavours, Hibisicus will open up a new world of culinary delights to people from a variety of backgrounds. It is time for Nigerian food to shine on an international level and Lopè will help to make it happen.
Nigerian cuisine is all about sharing and bringing people closer together – this book will do just that, as well as introducing a whole new audience to a delicious and incredibly vibrant cuisine. It’s time to make Nigerian food just as prevalent as Chinese and Indian food in the wider foodie community! The recipes are easy to follow and reflect Lopè’s vibrant and warm natured personality, we know she’s set to be a star!

Make sure you order a copy online or in book stores.

How To Be Hungry, Healthy, Happy!

When I received a copy of “Hungry Healthy Happy: How to nourish your body without giving up the food you love” by Dannii Martin just before the New Year I was excited! Every 31st of December I am determined to eat healthier in the coming year and by the 2nd of January I have succumbed […]

Eat like a Londoner

Eating Like A Londoner!

I received a copy of “Eat Like A Londoner” from the publishers Frances Lincoln to review recently. As a born and bred Londoner I was keen to see what author Tania Ballantine’s take on dining out in London would be. London is a foodie’s dream, you can eat any and every type of cuisine in this great city if you put your mind (and stomach) to it, but sometimes so much choice can be overwhelming.

Tania has done a great job of hand-picking more than 100 places which cover every occasion, from a quick pit-stop to a blow-out date, and as you can imagine each and every place has a distinctive character and of course great food.

Eating like a Londoner has probably never been so easy!

Eat like a Londoner

Eat like a Londoner

I loved the strong images, the easy to read layout and perfect travel size design of the book, as a busy Londoner who is on countless restaurant mailing lists this is a such a refreshing alternative to the online abyss. There is a great map at the back of the book and some really useful tips for “Veggie Friendly” and “Last Minute booking” venues.

Eat like a Londoner

Tania has covered pretty much every aspect of eating out in London even making reference to the multicultural nature of the London dining scene. I would have loved to see an African or Caribbean restaurant mentioned in the “Around The World” section though, that would have been a true reflection of London diversity.

Eat like a Londoner

It is probably a sign of how hectic life in London can be that I have not yet had a chance to step into one of the restaurants list, aside from Pizza Pilgrims, which I had been to before I received the book. I will definitely be using the book though, I just need to make the time to do so.

Eat Like a Londoner is an insider’s guide that sorts the great from the merely good, presenting a defining list of the city’s most outstanding eating destinations and is available to buy here.