Who’s For A Recipe? Native Jollof Rice from K’s Cuisine

I’m a member of a VERY active food group on Facebook called “So You Think You Can Cook?” and once in a while a picture or recipe will capture my imagination, this recipe from K’s Cuisine caught my attention.

I can cook jollof rice with the best of them but sometimes I try new ways of preparing it to make it a little more interesting as contrary to popular belief it is cooked differently across West Africa. I usually make my Jollof rice in the “party style” but this native style was new to me and I was excited to try it at home, I have had it at events but never homemade.

Here’s a picture of the end result, I didn’t include all the fish, although I did include the dried crayfish. I was having a “Meatless Monday” so baked my plantain to be even healthier and had Brussels sprouts instead of meat (I love sprouts so I was in heaven).

Native Style Jollof Rice

Native Style Jollof Rice

I have to give this recipe a BIG THUMBS up! It was delicious, and made a change from the usual style of jollof that I’m used to. I adapted the recipe to suit my taste, but that’s because I am a confident cook, if this is your first time try your best to follow the recipe as closely as possible.

Please be sure to visit K’s Cuisine’s site for the full recipe here: http://kscuisine.com/2014/04/native-jollof-rice-concoction/

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