Who’s For A Recipe? Nigerian Okra Soup – Ila Asepo

I recently had a craving for okra soup but wanted to make it in a different way than how I usually make it. I usually make a simple soup and eat it with stew but on this occasion I wanted to make  Ila Asepo, a one-pot Nigerian okra soup filled with different ingredients. I used the All Nigerian Recipes YouTube channel to refresh my memory on how to make it as it had been ages. I was salivating throughout the cooking process – it smelt and looked so good.

You can find the full written recipe here on the All Nigerian Recipes site. Here’s the short video that I followed – I didn’t need the written recipe as I was confident in how to make it, I just need a refresher.

Here’s the finished dish! As you can see mine isn’t as red as I didn’t want to use too much palm oil (trying to be a bit healthy). I also added more spinach than some might like but again this is all to my own taste. I blended my okra rather than chopped it by hand but it really is down to preference (and how much time you have for preparation). It had the perfect consistency and tasted even better! You can put any meat or fish in this and eat with pounded yam or any “swallow”/side dish that you choose.

Yumminess on a plate!


Ila Asepo and Pounded Yam with assorted meats

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