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I was recently send some True North nut snacks to taste and review. I like my snacks, whilst I’m working, whilst I’m watching a movie, when I’m reading, when I’m relaxing…anytime, any place, I enjoy my snacks. Nuts are much healthier alternative to crisps or chocolate, but obviously that depends on how they have been prepared. Some salt snacks either have too much salt or are too sugary, the True North Cashew Crunch and Almond Pecan Crunch snacks are gluten free lightly sweetened, non-dairy nut clusters.

True North Snacks True North Snacks

I found them to be tasty and definitely not too sweet.  Surprisingly I preferred the almond pecan combination over the cashew cluster, I love cashews so automatically thought that I would love them. The almond pecan had a great savoury/sweet balance. I’m not the biggest fan of any kind of toffee, caramel or syrup (the clusters are formed using brown rice syrup) in high quantities so whilst this is a nice enough snack in small doses I wouldn’t be able to eat it in large portions. This might actually be a good thing in terms of healthy eating and portion control but for those of you who like caramel/syrup this is the treat for you. This is a good addition to the snack food market, it’s always good to try new things. Make sure you do all your own research into the health benefits of the snack, it is NOT a diet food but it does have a long list of “guilt-free” benefits.

I was sent these snacks by Dolce la Dolce –

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You can buy some of your own snacks via Amazon:

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