Black Garlic Ketchup: The Sauce You Never Knew You Needed Until Now!

The Hawkshead Relish Company has launched their latest innovation in a flavour extravagance with their new Black Garlic Ketchup and they were kind enough to send me a sample to try for the blog. The flavour of black garlic is created with baking whole, fresh garlic bulbs for 40 days at a very low temperature creating an extraordinary flavour; rich, smooth & bursting with a balsamic sweetness. Combining the pureed garlic cloves by hand with fresh tomatoes, olive oil & Anglesey Sea Salt this ketchup sauce is absolutely perfect with cooked meats, sausages, burgers and more! I just had to try the sauce with a burger and imagined that I was at a BBQ in the middle of summer as I bit into my juice burger enhanced in flavour by this sweet and rich sauce.

black garlic ketchup

This is like nothing you have tasted before and interestingly enough it doesn’t taste overwhelmingly of garlic, the balsamic sweetness cut through the hearty texture of the meat and makes a wonderful accompaniment to a meal.  I really enjoyed this sauce, even more than I was expecting, the packaging is great although the glass bottle isn’t as quick for extracting the sauce as you might be used to with your plastic squeezy bottles. You really do need to try this black garlic ketchup ASAP which by the way is handmade without any artificial flavouring, colouring or additives, free from gluten & nuts as well as suitable for vegetarians.

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