All Aboard The Big Red Pizza Bus

I decided to treat a friend of mine to a pizza recently and not just any pizza either…a BIG RED ONE* at that. Just a stones throw away from Deptford DLR station, Big Red is a truly unique restaurant. What makes it special is the vintage double decker Bus which is the main focal point of this lovely venue.


We received a really warm welcome and the service was just right for this type of restaurant, it was relaxed without being too informal. It is the perfect place to take a date for dinner as it is unique and out of the ordinary.

We weren’t too hungry so we shared a Red Rocket pizza which consisted of tomato, mozzarella, fresh beetroot marinated in garlic oil with goat’s cheese and rocket. The thin crust was perfect so much so that my friend said that it was quite possibly the best pizza they had ever had. It really was a delicious pizza, with great fresh ingredients and delightful base.

Red Rocket

Red Rocket

I don’t need to go into too much detail here, you should judge for yourself but trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed! No matter where you are in London it really is worth the journey to jump aboard the Big Red bus!

Perfect for:

  • Family meals
  • Catch up with friends
  • Fun night out

Big Red – 30 Deptford Church Street



*Since this review the Big Red Bus has been rebranded to Wunderlust London

A Taste of Argentina at Cau Restaurant

The sun was shining and the weather was sweet so my companionand I decided that it would be a great idea to visit one of my favourite parts of South London, Blackheath Village. We were both hungry but didn’t want to rush into choosing somewhere based on hunger so we took our time wandering around Blackheath.

Cau Toothpicks! Great Branding!

Cau Toothpicks! Great Branding!

I’d been to quite a few places in the area so wanted to try somewhere new and a twitter buddy had recommended Cau, a new Argentine steak restaurant. As you all know I love steak so it didn’t take much convincing. It looked lovely from the outside with its trendy all white interior that wouldn’t be out of place in a VIP night club in Knightsbridge. I was impressed with the decor, although I think it probably looks even more spectacular at night.

The initial welcome was warm and our waiter was friendly but we did notice that he was rather quick on the “up-sell” i.e. over-enthusiastic in recommending other items on the menu. I don’t mind usually mind “up-selling” but this was just a little too obvious and a tad bit tiresome.  Anyway we both went for Sirloin steaks with thin chips and Chimichurri sauce (a special Argentine sauce consisting of parsley, olive oil, garlic and more). I had a deliciously thirst-quenching Salta Clericot, white wine mixed with passion fruit and grapes.

A bottle of beer & Salta Clericot

A bottle of beer & Salta Clericot

When our meals arrived we were both disappointed with the portion size and quality of the chips which is a shame because the steak itself was delicious. Mine was medium and I really enjoyed it with the Chimichurri sauce, however my friend and I both agreed that there something was missing. Of course we could have bought more sides (as part of our up-selling experience) but a simple garnish or small salad really should have come with the steak or just a few more, better quality chips would have sufficed.

Sirloin steak

Sirloin steak

We were also a little disappointed with the service, we were asked if we wanted additional sauces which we did but the order was forgotten and we were both too hungry to keep calling over the waiter. We did ask our waiter what happened and he apologised for forgetting about it but he didn’t seem too concerned and tried to sell us desserts (perhaps he was a new trainee because his sales technique was anything but subtle). It’s things like that which let down our overall experience at Cau. I’m really particular when it comes to customer service and I just felt this experience to be rather lackluster.


Sirloin Steak at Cau

The steak really was delicious but Cau  is not a run of the mill chain restaurant, one pays for good quality there and for the value I would have expected slightly more in terms of service and overall experience.

Don’t be put off though, I would still encourage you to go and try Cau for yourself, it’s in a great location and that chimichurri sauce with steak is sublime hopefully you’ll be luckier than we were when it comes to experience.

Perfect for:

  • Date night
  • Dinner with family and friends
  • Special occasion

CAU Restaurant 10-12 Royal Parade, Blackheath, London SE3 0TL


Who’s For Dinner visits The QVC Kitchen

I had the opportunity to visit a QVC press day recently courtesy of my lovely friends at Brown Beauty. I was amazed at how much variety was at the event but of course what really excited me were the food products that QVC Food had on display. I tasted the most DELICIOUS chocolate brownies (as you all know I have a thing for brownies) made by Gower Cottage Brownies. They were absolutely amazing…it took quite a lot for me not to want to eat the whole box! Anyway here just a few of the treats I spotted and received coutesy of QVC Food (I can’t wait to try the Ravishing Rosemary spice mix from Spice Way):

2014-05-16 10.15.46

Spice Way

2014-05-16 10.15.36


2014-05-15 17.08.28 2014-05-15 17.07.50 2014-05-15 17.07.21

Gower Cottage Brownies

Gower Cottage Brownies