A Tale of Two Kitchens

Check out “A Tale of Two Kitchens” – A Restaurant Documentary for the Soul

Every so often I’ll discover a brilliant surprise on Netflix and when that surprise comes in the form of food films/documentaries it can be an extra special surprise. “A Tale of Two Kitchens” is one of those extra special surprises.

“A Tale of Two Kitchens” is directed by Trisha Ziff the documentary takes viewers on a day in the life of Cala and Contramar.
Gabriela Cámara is an internationally renowned chef who founded
Contramar in Mexico City in 1998 and opened its sister eatery, Cala in San Francisco in 2015. Both restaurants have a similar menu, with fresh seafood and authentic Mexican dishes at their core but they are shaped distinctly by very different social and cultural markers in terms of the US experience and the Mexican experience. The documentary gives team members a chance to speak about their experiences and journeys. Employees from both restaurants are seen as part of a wider family and there is an element of trust that is not always seen in the hospitality industry. I really respected the ethos of Cala, giving everyone a chance particularly those who may struggle to get employment like those who have been released from prison. I also really liked the insights into human relationships, identity and culture. I love documentaries like this and definitely recommend that you watch it if you can.

Here’s the trailer for you to check out:

Have You Tasted Vietnamese Coconut Worms or Congolese Mpose?

When Insider shared this video clip online my immediate reaction was to squirm but then I also had to be honest and admit that I would try coconut worms. I would rather not try them whilst they are moving in the bowl.

They look so juicy and moreish and upon sharing my desire to try them (in a different way) one of my favourite twitter buddy‘s actually mentioned that there is a similar delicacy in Congo called Mpose in which the worms are fried and seasoned. Now that is a dish that I would love to try! I can imagine that they would be quite buttery in texture and fatty but in a good way. Here’s a video of Mpose.

What do you think? Would you try either of these dishes?