Michel Roux Jr and The Balvenie Return With Online Series Which Celebrates Modern Day Artisans

Following the success of last year’s series, The Balvenie has launched the second installment of The Craftsmen’s Dinner, which tells the stories of four exceptionally skilled craftspeople in the UK through a series of short films, demonstrating that true craft is not about what you make, or where you make it, but how you make it.

This year, the online series, hosted once again by renowned Michelin starred chef, Michel Roux Jr., showcases the dedication to British craftsmanship by a group of specialists, each using traditional techniques to create their artisan products in the most unexpected of places, from a rooftop overlooking The Shard to a council estate in Tottenham.

“We are delighted to bring back The Craftsmen’s Dinner after the success of the first series. The Balvenie’s distinctive character as a whisky is created by the experience, skill and ambition of our own craftspeople.” – Asmita Singh, The Balvenie Senior Brand Manager.

The series follows urban cheese makers, Wildes Cheese; the family-owned car producer Morgan Motor Company, who embrace new technology whilst preserving tradition; artisan bakery Wooster’s, who restored the old family mill; and Bermondsey Street Bees, who champion food sustainability from a central London rooftop. The stories that emerge highlight the common values between the different craftspeople, Michel Roux Jr. and The Balvenie; who all share an intimate understanding of their trade and a desire to leave a mark through their produce, taking no shortcuts along the way.

The series concludes with the four-course ‘Craftsmen’s Dinner’ at the Langham curated by Michel Roux Jr. with dishes that showcase the exciting collaborations with each of the craftspeople. The delicious independent menu features spit-roast veal loin with sweet breads glazed in Bermondsey Street Bees’ honey, Wildes Cheese’s Roland cheese with Balvenie soaked prunes and Wooster’s sourdough ice cream.

“It’s been a pleasure to continue this partnership with The Balvenie, setting out once again to discover and learn from an immensely talented group of craftspeople, all united by the passion and dedication for what they do. This year I have been particularly inspired by how these experts go to great lengths, in this modern world, to preserve traditional craft methods, often in unexpected ways and places.” – Michel Roux Jr.

Series Two of The Craftsmen’s Dinner is now live on https://www.youtube.com/TheCraftsmensDinner and features the following episodes:

  • Michel Roux Jr. meets Morgan Motor Company
  • Michel Roux Jr. meets Wooster’s Bakery
  • Michel Roux Jr. meets Bermondsey Street Bees
  • Michel Roux Jr. meets Wildes Cheese
  • The Craftsmen’s Dinner at the Langham

This is a fantastic initiative, highlighting grassroots artisans in the UK who rarely get the spotlight that they deserve. Make sure you subscribe and watch the new series!

eat jollof London

Adwoa Hagan-Mensah Expands The UK’s First African Fine Dining Food Brand

When the world thinks of fine-dining, African food is not often at the top of the list of cuisines to be considered, something which Ghana-Born Adwoa Hagan-Mensah wants to change. Since showcasing her talents on BBC2’s The Restaurant with Raymond Blanc in 2012, Adowa has been on a mission to let the world know about the immense potential of West African cuisine in the fine dining space.

Adwoa Hagan-Mensah

Whilst at university, Adwoa found herself struggling financially, so she started her first business cooking and delivering food to fellow students to make ends meet. She started cooking British favourites and would occasionally throw in some West African staples but soon realised that students from all over the world had a real appetite for the Ghanaian and West African dishes. This gave her the courage to start London’s first Ghanaian street food stall, Jollof Pot with her husband at Broadway Market in Hackney almost 15 years ago. At the very beginning of the street food revolution in London Jollof Pot was attempting to bring West African food to a mainstream European audience. The stall now named aptly after its popular dish ‘Spinach & Agushi’ has street stands at Portobello Road (Notting Hill), Exmouth Market (Farringdon) and Broadway Market – (Hackney) with many other African supper clubs and food vendors bucking the trend.

From her humble beginnings with the food stall Adwoa, went on to found what is now a highly successful luxury catering company Eat Jollof London which specialises in corporate events and weddings. By producing luxury catering and fine dining cuisines Eat Jollof is paving the way for West African Food to be given the Michelin star treatment in years to come.


Adwoa has established The Ghana Supper Club based in Kent, an intimate fine ding experiencer for 12-15 lucky diners book to sit together to sample a 5 course Ghanaian inspired meal. ‘The market for a fine dining offering of contemporary West African cuisine in London is virtually untouched. Yet there are West African socialites and professionals that are screaming out for a high end dining experience that they can take their partners, friends, and associates to, knowing that the standard of food and service will not only match that of some of the best European dining establishments in London, but also exceed them.’ – Adwoa Hagan-Mensah.

Adwoa wants the world to taste African food and for it to be as widely embraced in the same way that other global cuisines have been embraced across the world.