Pelagonia aivar

A Taste of Macedonia with Aivar

I was lucky enough to be sent a jar of Aivar (also known as Ajvar) by the good folks at Pelagonia to review. I love trying new and unusual products and aivar is something I had never tried before. Made from roasted red peppers ground with aubergine, it makes the perfect meze, an accompaniment to go with meals or to be served as a dip. This is a rich and vibrant sauce that whilst flavoursome is not overpowering which is why it goes so well with other ingredients. I had some aivar with fried eggs on sourdough bread for breakfast and enjoyed the taste combination. The rustic flavour cut through the savoury bread with the creamy texture of the egg yolk enhancing the rich and vibrant aivar.

Pelagonia aivar

Pelagonia aivar

Pelagonia is an award-winning Macedonian food range based on the very best traditional recipes from Macedonia. Many products from the range feature peppers, Macedonian peppers are known for their size and sweetness throughout the region; with 300 days of sunshine and a fantastic heritage of agriculture. Sounds like a place that I should visit soon! 

There are lots of ways to eat aivar – #52Ways to be exact. Download this great recipe and serving suggestion guide and be creative!

You can find aivar in Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s.

For more information about the range visit:

Green Cola

All The Fizz Without The Guilt with Green Cola

Who’s For Dinner had the chance to review Green Cola recently – a diet cola that created by a new UK company which is taking on leading cola brands. I was sent some cans to review and whilst I was excited I have to admit I was skeptical before trying these because quiet often diet/reduced sugar drinks don’t have quite the same taste as the original drinks they are based on. On the other hand original cola soft drinks are often so full of sugar that I rarely drink them anymore to be honest. However the ingredients list was surprising and fascinating.

The drink contains:

  • No sugar
  • No Aspartame
  • No Phosphoric Acid
  • No preservatives
  • No calories

green cola

If that list isn’t impressive enough the drink is sweetened with Stevia, a natural plant extract and caffeinated with green coffee beans, which is why it’s called Green Cola. So all in all this is actually the ideal soft drink for anyone who wants to try something new, and still enjoy fizzy drinks without wanting to be unhealthy. I really enjoyed this drink and can see why it is so popular, it also served as a reminder that you can have those “sweet treats” without the guilt. It’s refreshing to see a new brand making an impact in the drinks market and I would definitely recommend that you head out and grab a can of Green Cola.

“It took over two years to perfect our cola, with literally thousands of attempts and recipe tinkering. One-by-one, we took out ingredients like aspartame, phosphoric acid and the ordinary caffeine used by mainstream brands, until we were left with a healthier cola that doesn’t compromise on taste. There is nothing else like Green Cola on the market. Most low calorie colas contain aspartame, an artificial sweetener that many consumers have growing concerns about. This is an untapped market set to take off on the back of the sugar tax in 2018.” – CEO Paul Woodward.

Green Cola is already a big hit in Greece, Romania, Germany, Ireland and Hong Kong. In the UK, it is currently stocked by Ocado, Amazon and artisan food and select coffee shops.

Green Cola is sold in 330ml cans with an RRP of 70p and 500ml PET bottles RRP £1.30.