Hibisicus by Lope ariyo

Lopè Ariyo Brings Contemporary Nigerian Food To The World With Hibisicus

Who’s For Dinner is very pleased to feature the new cookbook by Lopè Ariyo. After helping to judge HarperCollins/Red Magazine’s “The Next Star of African Food” competition in 2016 it is great to see that Hibisicus has come to life! Despite having some of the most rich and vibrant flavours in the world, African cookery has so far taken a back seat in the British food scene. Lopè Ariyo is a 23 year old cooking talent, fresh out of university who wowed the judges with her modern approach to Nigerian cuisine. After winning the competition and landing herself a book deal, Lopè is set to take the cookery world by storm and her wonderful new cookbook Hibiscus was published on 1st June.

Hibisicus by Lope Ariyo Hibisicus by Lope Ariyo

Featuring a stunning collection of delicious Nigerian recipes, Lopè has used the cooking she grew up with and has added her own British twist, adding contemporary touches to Nigerian classics. The book tells the story of Lope’s childhood through the dishes – from her early love affair with plantains, the street food from Lagos, all the way up to her Uncle Yomi’s baked eggs dance. It is a beautifully designed book with stunning images that make Nigerian food look as good as it actually tastes! By combing European ingrediants with African flavours, Hibisicus will open up a new world of culinary delights to people from a variety of backgrounds. It is time for Nigerian food to shine on an international level and Lopè will help to make it happen.
Nigerian cuisine is all about sharing and bringing people closer together – this book will do just that, as well as introducing a whole new audience to a delicious and incredibly vibrant cuisine. It’s time to make Nigerian food just as prevalent as Chinese and Indian food in the wider foodie community! The recipes are easy to follow and reflect Lopè’s vibrant and warm natured personality, we know she’s set to be a star!

Make sure you order a copy online or in book stores.

Love Moin Moin: The Nigerian Ready Made Mix That Everyone Should Try

Review by Abiola Lawal

Love Moin Moin is a new ready made mix of a party favourite from the Real African Food Company. Moin Moin is a traditional savoury bean cake from Nigeria, consisting of black-eyed beans, peppers and spices it is popularly eaten with fried or jollof rice at parties or on it’s own as a delightful snack.
This prepared mix gives you the dry powder ingredients of black-eyed beans, peppers, and a range of spices without any of the hassle. Normally when cooking moin moin you must set aside at least 3 hours to sort the beans, soak them, and clean them of their skins before soaking them again to get the beans to the right consistency for grinding and this is all before blending and steaming the mix into the wonderful snack that is moin moin. It is a very time consuming task, as is most Nigerian food and for a lazy person like myself I jumped at the chance to cook one of my favourites without any of the hassle.
Love Moin Moin Love Moin Moin Love Moin Moin
The Love Moin Moin mix was the right pale orange colour that I expected and as soon as I opened the packet the familiar smell of beans and spices hit me, it smelt like the real thing! The instructions on the back gave options for steaming in a pot or in a microwave, being a traditionalist I chose the pot. The instructions advise that you add water and 1 tablespoon of oil to 100g of the mix and mix into a smooth paste. You can then place the puree/paste into a greased ramekin and set in a pot of water to steam for 30 minutes. I do not have a ramekin so I went down the old school route of folding foil into a well sealed packet, sorry no banana leaves this time, and placed the mixture into my foil packet and went ahead with steaming.
Love Moin Moin Love Moin Moin
After 30 minutes I checked if the foil was firm and it was so my moin moin was set! I opened and again the wonderfully familiar smell that always takes me back to Nigerian parties and wedding receptions hit me. I couldn’t believe that I could have moin moin in 30 minutes, but I actually did. And on first bite I was impressed the moin moin was well seasoned with the right balance of salt, pepper and spices, and the consistency was firm. My only negative is that the texture was not as smooth as I like but to be honest the amount of time this mix had saved me was worth it. Wanting to make sure that I was not dreaming I asked my mummy to taste and she gave it the thumbs up. Now my mum’s moin moin is always my favourite so for her to like it I knew it was good, she has since been asking me where can we buy it.
Love Moin Moin
I would definitely recommend this mix for parties or gatherings, or if you just want a quick snack without all of the hassle. It is easy to prepare, saves on washing up and is very tasty as well as being a great way for people who are unfamiliar with this West African favourite to try something new. It’s too easy not to give it a try!
A Pack of 3 sachets is £9.99 and is available to order online at www.realafricanfood.com
Who’s For Dinner was sent a sample to review, this is not a paid for feature.
Visit Bordeaux

3 Reasons To Visit Beautiful Bordeaux

I recently had the absolute pleasure of spending a week in Bordeaux in the South West of France. It did not disappoint me and I wanted to share a few reasons why you should head to Bordeaux for your next trip. Aside from being affordable to get to and having a range of accommodation solutions it is less than 2 hours away from London.

The Wine

Bordeaux is renowned for its wines and vineyards. There is an air of sophistication around the region and yet it is still so down to earth and accessible. There is none of the elitist sentiment that might make some people feel uncomfortable about visiting a wine region or learning about wine. I visited a beautiful vineyard called Chateau Pape Clement which hosts a range of vineyard tours. You can also find wine at a varity of prices to suit all budgets in wine shops, bistrots and restaurants.  I would highly recommend that you visit La Cite du Vin which is an interactive wine museum and is worth spending at least half a day in. You will learn the history of wine and even get a chance to taste some wine. Whether you love wine or simply want to learn more about wine Bordeaux is the place for you.

Wine in the vaults at Pape Clement

Visit Bordeaux

La Cite Du Vin

At La Cite du Vin

The Food

There is such a wide variety of food to choose from in Bordeaux. It is a diverse and welcoming city so you will find cuisine from across the globe, not just French cuisine and there is something to suit all tastes. I would encourage you to explore the variety of restaurants near Rue Sainte-Catherine (a major shopping area), if you use that as your central location point you can wander around the backstreets of the city and pick and choose. I would also recommend that you try one of Bordeaux’s famous “Canelés de Bordeaux” which are small cakes filled with rum and vanilla interior enclosed with a caramelised shell.

Canelé de Bordeaux in the park

Oyster in Bordeaux

Oyster in Bordeaux


Crepe from a local creperie

Thai food in Pitaya

Pad Thai on the streets of Bordeaux

The Sights

There is just so much to see, you don’t even have to know the history of the city to appreciate the beauty of the city. Just wander around and pause to enjoy your surroundings. From the beautiful buildings to the gorgeous public park there is something for everyone. I would definitely recommend that you take the public transport river boat to explore the length of the River Garonne.

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Park in Bordeaux

Visit Bordeaux Visit Bordeaux Visit Bordeaux Visit Bordeaux

There is so much to do in and around Bordeaux. A weeks travel card is less than £12 (at time of publishing) and you can use it on the tram, bus and boat. The weather was great, travelling between April-October you will find really warm/hot conditions. The city is also in a great geographical location, only a few hours drive from Spain, the Pyrenes Mountains are nearby for those who like to ski and you have the sea less than one hour away perfect for beach lovers and there is also a Lake in Bordeaux for those of you who are water babies.

Book yourself a trip to Bordeaux, keep your mind open and explore this treasure of a place and I am sure you will have an amazing time.