Fish And Chips With Sutton and Sons

I’m cockney, born and bred in Hackney which means that I was born within hearing distance of the Bow Bells. Being a cockney citizen has many responsibilities including understanding cockney rhyming slang (would you Adam and Eve it?), admiring the fashion trends of Pearly Kings and Queens and of course enjoying Fish and Chips on a regular basis. It’s really important for me to maintain my cockney heritage so when I was invited to sample the cuisine at Sutton and Sons I jumped at the chance (not literally of course, how many cockney high jump champions have you met? Don’t answer that please, this is a food blog). I went to their Islington Branch on Essex Road and was greeted warmly by their cool exterior, funky interior and friendly staff.

With a contemporary yet authentic setting Suttons and Sons succeeds in maintaining the traditional warm-natured setting of an East End Chippy whilst still being in keeping with modern times.

Sutton and Sons

Sutton and Sons is owned by husband and wife team Danny and Hana Sutton, who also own a fishmongers on Stoke Newington High Street and all the fish served in their restaurants is sourced from their own fishmongers.

Sutton and Sons

I wanted to taste pretty much everything on the menu but alas I do not have a bottomless belly so I opted for 1/2 a dozen snails in garlic butter to start whilst my foodie partner in crime went for battered calamari rings.The snails tasted as good as they look and honestly even though they are not normally part of a traditional East End chippy menu they were a welcome addition as part of the specials menu. The garlic butter soaked snails were wholesome and flavoured perfectly. I tried the calamari and you could definitely taste how fresh they were, not chewy or overcooked with the crispy batter and homemade tartar sauce, this was one of the best calamari starters I have tasted in a while.

Sutton and Sons Sutton and Sons

I suddenly had a craving for an oyster and asked to try one Maldon Oyster and can I just say I was in heaven. I love oysters and after having just one of these I actually wished I had chosen 6 oysters to start with instead of the snails even though the snails were good the oyster I tasted made me want to move in and live in the restaurant. Juicy, fresh and succulent, everything the perfect oyster embodies in just one shell!

Sutton and Sons

For my main course I went for traditional fish and chips and tried battered monkfish. It is a much “meatier”  fish than other fish options on the menu but I was not disappointed. The batter went perfectly with the monkfish and there is something to be said for freshly fried fish, something special about eating something that is so fresh. The flavours were perfectly balanced and with a huge portion of chips I found my “happy place”. One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the fact that the meal was not drenched in oil, it didn’t feel greasy and I didn’t feel bloated after eating this meal (something which happens if I eat heavy, greasy food). I had a gherkin with my fish and chips which as you can see was huge but perfect, I love gherkins so I couldn’t fault it! My foodie pal had a cod burger which I didn’t taste but which looked great!

Sutton and Son

Sutton and Son

I’m not the biggest dessert fan, I’m happy with a starter and a main but I wanted to at least taste the infamous apple crumble cheesecake. I love apple crumble but really don’t like cheesecake so I had a bit of an existential crisis…but I tried it for the love of food. I didn’t particularly enjoy it at all but my foodie pal loved it and would have wanted a bigger portion.

It didn’t matter that I didn’t really enjoy my dessert because everything else was so brilliant to be honest. You have to get down to Sutton and Sons and I mean it, not simply because it serves delicious, fresh seafood but because it’s an independent food business that is serving high quality food in a fab atmosphere, this is not just fish and chips this is a foodie experience!

Eating is my hobby! Proudly wearing my napkin as a bib!!!

Eating is my hobby! Proudly wearing my napkin as a bib!!!

Another DegustaBox of Foodie Delights

Written by Fadzai Mankola

I received my first Degustabox this month and it was like my birthday all over again. First thing I thought was I can’t wait to have this surprise every month. I have to say it has helped me think out of the box and be more creative with my recipes, from my chia seed protein shake to my Borlotti bean soup I definitely expanded my horizons.


For instance I love popcorn, but have never tried chocolate covered popcorn thins. Now I took one bite out of the Metcalfe’s chocolate thins and I was hooked – they are everything you want in a chocolate fix but light and healthier than your normal chocolate bar. I have bought a pack every other day ever since I tried them and have converted friends and colleagues. All I am going to say is try at your own risk they are deliciously addictive!


Now Ciro Borlotti beans, I have had them before but I am always weary of cooking beans because you have to know how to cook beans right otherwise it can all go terribly wrong. However after one of my long days at the office I really fancied something hearty, warming and quick so I decided to make a Barlotti bean soup. The Ciro Borlotti beans saved the day, easy to cook, tender and filling they were so tasty and soaked up the simple Italian flavours of onion, garlic, celery, fresh tomato and Italian herbs well and they tasted delicious. It’s safe to say these Ciro beans are not your average bean.


Another firm favourite from the box was ‘Say Yes to no’ the alternative snack, they were really moorishly yummy! I opened them intending to eat one but ended up eating the whole pack! I was fascinated by the fact that they were just made out of bread and had no artificial flavours or additives but they tasted so good. Not ones to have every day but definitely have them in mind when I fancy treating myself or when I have friends round!


Another firm favourite in the box were the CAPE drinks think upgraded iced tea. Now I am not a fan of iced tea but these CAPE juices I loved. Made with rooibos tea, fruit juices and added vitamins they are nice and refreshing and made from only natural ingredients. I would definitely recommend! Another drink I enjoyed was making a protein shake topped off with chia seeds!


For more information about degustabox visit and use BLDEG15 for a £7 discount!

A Taste of An Italian Christmas at Spaghetti House

The Who’s For Dinner Team were recently invited to Spaghetti House for an exclusive, intimate taste of their new Christmas menu. Available from 21 November to 24 December, this year’s Menu Natalizio – Christmas Menu – is affordable yet very tasty and does not skimp on the quality of the ingredients, carefully sourced, freshly prepared, cooked and readily served, as group head chef Achille Travaglini does not use frozen produce.

Spaghetti House is known for it’s high quality Italian cuisine, which Who’s For Dinner has experienced before! This Christmas menu tasting session did not disappoint. We were treated to a live cookery session in which we viewed the head chef, Achille Travaglini, making Cocktail di Gamberetti – classic prawn cocktail  and a seabass on a bed of mash potato starter.

The prawn cocktail was good although not mind-blowing however the seabass was absolutely delicious and the mash potato was probably one of the best mash potato dishes we’ve ever tasted.

spaghetti house 2016-09-23-19-38-17

We were utterly spoilt with our starters Crema di Ceci e Castagne – cream of chickpea and chestnut soup, with porcini mushroom croutons, drizzled with rosemary oil and Involtini di Melanzane al Forno – baked aubergines filled with basil & ricotta with a fresh tomato sauce. The baked aubergines were just scrumptious and full of flavour.

beef tenderloin

For the main courses we had full flavoured Medaglioni di Manzo – beef tenderloin medallions in red wine sauce & smoked sautéed potatoes – the smokiness of the potatoes really went well with the beef which was cooked to perfection. The Tortelloni Funghi & Tartufo – handmade pasta parcels with mushrooms and black truffle, with a creamy mushroom sauce offset by crispy sage & lemon zest were incredibly rich and flavoursome, an absolute delight to taste.

An Italian Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Panettone, and Spaghetti House has re-invented this Christmas cake as Bruschetta di Panettone – winter fruit compote on toasted traditional panettone slice. Sbriciolata di Mele – apple crumble Italian style, and the all-favourite Tiramisu were also served on the evening.

This menu is full of Christmas spirit and Christmas flavour and is a true winner! Facebook:   spaghettihouse  Instagram: @spaghetti_house  twitter: @spaghetti_house