Ben and Jerry’s Goes Greek!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ben and Jerry’s Launch of their Greek-Style Frozen Yogurt range by fabulous blogging queen, OndoLady this week.

Inside The GreekWe were treated to some delicious Greek Food from The Real Greek, Covent Garden – which I just have to say is definitely worth trying!

The main event of course was trying the 3 FroYo flavours which include Strawberry Shortcake, a rich Greek yoghurt sprinkled with juicy strawberry bits whirled with crumbly shortcake biscuit; Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, a blend of zingy raspberry notes with smooth chocolatey chunks; and Vanilla Honey Caramel, a soft vanilla FroYo with a swirl of gooey honey caramel.

Ben and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's
I have to say that my favourite flavour was the Vanilla Honey Caramel! It was just the right balance of sweetness and flavour that will make it perfect for a summer dessert. It also helps that these FroYos have 40% less fat than the original Ben and Jerry’s Ice Creams.

Anyway grab yourself a tub! You won’t be disappointed – I mean really since when has Ben and Jerry’s EVER been a disappointment?


Mick Elysee

A steak to remember at the Marsden Bistro

I love steak. Basically if you ever need me to do you a favour, without question, just feed me steak and chips and I’ll do you any kind of favour as long as it’s legal.

Mick Elysee

Head Chef Mick Élysée served up a sumptuous ribeye steak at The Marsden Bistro in Hackney, which as you can see came with a healthy portion of chips and a salad which I did eat (have to be healthy). The steak was perfectly cooked to my specification and every mouthful was a delight! My mouth is currently watering just recollecting how yummy it was. I’ve taken to having my steaks Medium/Well Done as I move away from having them Well Done and this was just perfect!

The interior of The Marsden Bistro clearly has a Parisian influence, with the subtle lighting and uncomplicated furniture, it’s the perfect location for a romantic meal for two. I was with a friend, so though not quite romantic we both felt that it would be the perfect place to take our partners. The menu is simple yet concise which is just what you need really, there’s no pretentious convoluted narrative (which one can find in some menus of new restaurants). It does exactly what it says it’s going to do: an intimate restaurant that serves freshly prepared food.

If you’re looking for a lovely place to take your special someone then look no further.

Perfect for:

  • Romantic Meals
  • First Dates
  • Dinner with friends