A Taste of An Italian Christmas at Spaghetti House

The Who’s For Dinner Team were recently invited to Spaghetti House for an exclusive, intimate taste of their new Christmas menu. Available from 21 November to 24 December, this year’s Menu Natalizio – Christmas Menu – is affordable yet very tasty and does not skimp on the quality of the ingredients, carefully sourced, freshly prepared, cooked and readily served, as group head chef Achille Travaglini does not use frozen produce.

Spaghetti House is known for it’s high quality Italian cuisine, which Who’s For Dinner has experienced before! This Christmas menu tasting session did not disappoint. We were treated to a live cookery session in which we viewed the head chef, Achille Travaglini, making Cocktail di Gamberetti – classic prawn cocktail  and a seabass on a bed of mash potato starter.

The prawn cocktail was good although not mind-blowing however the seabass was absolutely delicious and the mash potato was probably one of the best mash potato dishes we’ve ever tasted.

spaghetti house 2016-09-23-19-38-17

We were utterly spoilt with our starters Crema di Ceci e Castagne – cream of chickpea and chestnut soup, with porcini mushroom croutons, drizzled with rosemary oil and Involtini di Melanzane al Forno – baked aubergines filled with basil & ricotta with a fresh tomato sauce. The baked aubergines were just scrumptious and full of flavour.

beef tenderloin

For the main courses we had full flavoured Medaglioni di Manzo – beef tenderloin medallions in red wine sauce & smoked sautéed potatoes – the smokiness of the potatoes really went well with the beef which was cooked to perfection. The Tortelloni Funghi & Tartufo – handmade pasta parcels with mushrooms and black truffle, with a creamy mushroom sauce offset by crispy sage & lemon zest were incredibly rich and flavoursome, an absolute delight to taste.

An Italian Christmas wouldn’t be the same without Panettone, and Spaghetti House has re-invented this Christmas cake as Bruschetta di Panettone – winter fruit compote on toasted traditional panettone slice. Sbriciolata di Mele – apple crumble Italian style, and the all-favourite Tiramisu were also served on the evening.

This menu is full of Christmas spirit and Christmas flavour and is a true winner!

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A Taste of Chosan By Nature Drinks

A Taste of Tofu From Mori-Nu

I am a very dedicated meat lover. I have of course eaten vegetarian meals before but tofu always seemed so boring to me until I realised that it’s not necessarily tofu’s fault, it’s how it’s been prepared. Tofu has a unique ability to soak up flavours like a sponge and it provides a low fat, high-protein, dairy and gluten-free addition to meals which is perfect for health conscious individuals like myself and of course those who don’t eat meat or consume dairy at all.

I was sent silken tofu to try, I didn’t know there were different types of tofu, according to many surveys most people prefer to use form tofu.  I found this silken tofu to be smooth and perfectly creamy.

Silken Mori-nu tofu

I decided to try a very simple baked tofu recipe, marinating the tofu in soy sauce before baking on a medium heat for less than 15 minutes. It came out as a perfect snack treat and the flavour of the soy sauce had soaked up into the tofu in such a way that it made for a moreish yet simple snack. It was like a smoother version of feta cheese (obviously different flavour) but the creamy texture made it delightful to try. Silken Mori-nu tofu

Mori-Nu tofu can be found on the shelf alongside the other authentic Japanese ingredients in the world food section. I can’t wait to try other recipes with this tofu and will now make more of an effort to use it as an alternative to meat as part of a healthier diet.