Inside The Degustabox Foodie Subscription Box

Written by Fadzai Mankola

This month’s Degustabox contained a great variety of products perfect for this time of year and also great for a quick snack or handy if you want to have a quick meal. Also a number of the products have significantly less sugar content than their counterparts which is a bonus.

degustabox foodie box

The real winner for me was the Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat and Cook Sauce. I’m normally not a fan of pre made sauces and prefer to make my own but this sauce was amazing! I literally poured it over some chicken and placed in the oven and the result was delicious. The picture and videos speak for themselves. They tasted even better than they looked.

Another great product in the box was the YUSHOI Snap Pea rice sticks, while everyone else in my office was snacking on crisps I had this guilt free snack. They satisfied my snack craving but I felt good eating them because they only have 91 calories and a low sugar content. They are great if you trying to be healthy.

Now on the opposite end of the spectrum is the Hershey’s Cookies n’ Cream KINGSIZE bar. I have always been skeptical of Hershey’s chocolate – my trips to America as a child made me come to the conclusion that Hershey’s chocolate was nowhere near as good as some of the brands we have in the UK. Now to say I was surprised by the taste of this white chocolate bar is an understatement. The white chocolate was not as sweet or sickly as expected and the cookies and cream flavour was delicious. Needless to say I ate the whole king-size bar in one sitting. I didn’t even feel guilty for eating the whole bar either it was worth it!

Another really great treat was the Pitch Choco Barre I found that it was best warmed up in the microwave for about 5 seconds just enough to melt the chocolate in the middle. What you then got was a delicious brioche with warm gooey chocolate. A word of warning though the chocolate is not the best but it works really well with the brioche.


Now a disclaimer before I tell you about the following product the Maggie Fusian noodles. I haven’t actually had pot noodles for a long time. I think the last time was when I was hiking for my Duke of Edinburgh award in secondary school. So my memory of pot noodles is very faint. The preparation was very easy and what I liked was that the flavourings where packaged separately –the dried veggies, spices and infused oil all in three little packets. There is no denying that the Maggie Fusian noodles are an upgrade from the instant noodles I had on my camping trip all those years ago. The flavours are very aromatic and less artificial, however I will not be indulging in these again. I just prefer my noodles with fresh ingredients with none of that instant noodle after taste.

A great box once again from degustabox.

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Fall In Love With Sweetheart Cupcakes

Will cupcakes ever get boring? Will we ever have enough excuses to taste a cupcake or 2 or 3? Well, London’s newest cupcake baking emporium has opened in Covent Garden and aims to bring our lovely city “baking happiness”.

Waltz along the Covent Garden market place and take in the sweet, mouth-watering scent of fresh, homemade baking that oozes from the pretty pink retreat.  The smell of baked brownies, crunchy biscuits and creamy cupcakes fill the air.

sweetheart cupcakes

Visually enchanting with a Victorian doll-house appearance and décor consisting of floral designs, polka-dot cushions and pastel coloured bunting, the boutique foodie paradise automatically provides a friendly, warm atmosphere: the type of place you retreat to, to feel at home, in the center of buzzing London.

All cupcakes and baked treats are fresh, prepared in house, right in front of customers’ eyes. Resembling a ‘home kitchen’, only free range eggs, top quality British butter and fresh milk are used, with minimal sugar, no sugary substitutes like Stevia, or any other additives… just like ‘mum’s home cooking’. Just thinking about this makes us feel warm and cosy!

sweetheart cupcakes

The Cupcake and Cake menu changes daily, with unlimited variety and tailor made options to choose from. Favourite flavours include Heart Melting Nutella, Oreo, Red Velvet, Wild Lavender and the must try Forest Fruit Yoghurt, with Sweet and Skinny varieties (containing 50% less sugar and fat) also available. The majority is crafted using Sweetheart’s finest marmalades and creams, along with spiced fruits and flower extracts.

You definitely can’t have cake without tea, or coffee for that matter, which is why the kettle is always boiling at Sweetheart. ‘English Rose’ tea and ‘Lovers’ Potion’ are summer preferences, teamed well with fresh biscuits, infused with spiced tea. Pink and purple lemonades are sure to refresh and for utter indulgence, the creamy milkshakes are unparalleled. When it comes to cappuccinos, Sweetheart’s prove to be the best in town, rich and full of taste.

Pop down to Covent Garden to fall in love with a Sweetheart Cupcake:

Sweetheart Cupcakes
34, Covent Garden Apple Market, Lower Level at Opera Performance Area, London, WC2E 8RE

Build Your Own Smoothie

Words by Abiola Lawal

Build Your Own Smoothie by Michelle Keogh is a colourful collection of over 60,000 smoothie combinations! I didn’t even realise there were so many until I received a copy of this new book in the post. The handy flip chart outlines the top tips to make a perfect smoothie and also offers helpful guidelines on storing your smoothie so that you can make batches if you’re on the go in the morning or fancy a quick lunch/dinner fix. Smoothies also make great snacks. A great tip I found was freezing your different liquids, I found freezing flavoured tea into ice cubes and then adding them to my smoothie concoction gave a great taste, I also did this with coconut water.


This recipe book also suggested so many different base ingredients you can combine to make a delicious smoothie. Some are the usual banana and berries but other combinations you may never have even considered, like carrot, date, and cinnamon or mango, ginger, and turmeric. I had great fun combining a variety of flavours to make nutritious smoothies and this book encouraged me to be more daring and create something very out of the box like lemon and ginger tea (frozen) blended with spinach, mint and honey. Mmmm that was tasty.

The book also suggests different ‘boosts’ that you can add to your smoothies not only for taste but also added health benefits.

The layout of the book is really easy to use and I enjoyed how it was split into 3 sections; boosts, base and liquid. Another helpful element is that each ingredient suggestion comes with a useful tip and allergy guidance. This book encouraged me to increase my 5 a day and also aided me into having a much healthier breakfast.

unnamed-1 before after

Pictures show me making a vanilla yogurt, banana, honey and mint smoothie, Keogh’s recipes also suggested the use of chocolate bars which was fun and a bit naughty which I enjoyed. Health conscious but still fun for all the family, friends, neighbours and whomever else you’d like to whizz up a smoothie for. Go on get the book and throw a smoothie party.

The book is available to buy from all major online bookstores.