This Street Food Business is Bringing a Taste of Madagascar to London

The Lemur House is an exciting pop up street food business which is brings a taste of Madagascar to the London. Madagascar-born co-founders Prisca Bakare and Nina Araujo are passionate about showcasing the variety of cuisine that food from her homeland has to offer. Prisca’s passion shone through so much that her pitch won The esSense13 Africa Food Week competition, winning a cash prize and business mentoring.

The Lemur House

Photography by esSense13 – Prisca and Yorm (Founder of esSense13)

The Lemur House

Photography by esSense13 – Prisca Bakare

Malagasy cuisine is influenced by the different cultures that make up the population of Madagascar, including French, Indian, Arabic and Sub-Saharan African influences. It is a vibrant melting pot of these influences which is what makes it so exciting and unique in the African food landscape.

Interesting to note that whilst they have Indian influences cuisine is not excessively spice but not unusually for African cuisine it has many meat dishes which meat loves will adore.

Follow The Lemur House on social media and visit their website to find out when their next pop up will be!

Little Baobab

The Senegalese Pop Up with The Best Jollof in London

Khadim Mbamba launched the Little Baobab popup  in 2015, after becoming frustrated with the lack of Senegalese restaurants in London. He decided to combine his love of food with his love of music, giving people an authentic Senegalese experience. The Little Baobab pop-up experience brings people together in a great atmosphere, with delicious Senegalese Soul Food and live music which usually means that their events are often sold out. In 2018 esSense13 hosted a fantastic pop up event with Little Baobab and the hype is justified it was a wonderful event.

One of the most popular dishes is thiebou dieune, a fish and jollof rice combination which is flavour-filled and moreish. It quite possibly puts an end to the debate of who has the best jollof in West Africa!

With the quality of the dish served at Little Baobab one could easily argue that Senegal wins and this video might help to end the debate completely.

Make sure you visit Little Baobab’s to find out details of their next event and taste their food for yourself and see why they probably do serve the best jollof in London.