A Love poem to Lolas Cupcakes

Out on a Saturday

No time to bake

When all of sudden

In Covent Garden we take

The right turn to a lovely store

Shiny and new “Lola’s Cupcakes”

Enticing us with treats galore!

Yummy and delicious

Tastes good with each bite

Lola’s Cupcakes in London

are a worthwhile delight!

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Who’s For Something Different? Fried Gluten Anyone?

 Patrick Grell


One of our lovely friends in Trinidad & Tobago, Patrick Grell, sent us this picture of what has to be one of the most unusual tinned food items I’ve ever seen! Fried Gluten: Vegetarian Mock Duck. I understand the importance of variety for vegetarians but this looks…well interesting. Thanks for sharing Patrick.

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