Me Encanta Cantina Laredo Mexican Restaurant

There was a time when I could speak Spanish to some degree of fluency…alas that is no longer the case however I can still eat in Spanish! Me Encanta means “I love/I am enchanted by” and I have to say I really did love my experience at “Cantina Laredo”. It describes itself as a modern Mexican restaurant, my experience with many other Mexican restaurants in London is that they are just not authentic or they lack a depth of flavour, so I tend to steer clear of them. However I  discovered Cantina Laredo with Mr. WFD, as we wandered through Covent Garden.  Its slick exterior tempted us to enter and we were greeted by exceptionally friendly bar staff.

We weren’t particularly hungry but wanted some snacks – upon a recommendation from one of the super friendly bar tenders we ordered the signature dish “Guacamole En Molcajete” which comes with warm tortilla crisps. I wasn’t expecting what was to arrive!!! To my delight a member of staff made the guacamole in front of us. The avocado, tomatoes, spices, lime, coriander and onions were combined to create quite simply the best guacamole I have EVER tasted. One would think that with such simple ingredients, that it would be impossible to get wrong however I have tasted too many dodgy guacamole dips to know the difference. It was just delicious.

Guacamole En Molcajete

Guacamole En Molcajete

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After we had almost licked the bowl we order Empanadas de Pollo, chicken empanadas served with tomatillo and pistachio sauce. Again another delightful snack, perfect for a spring afternoon.

Empanadas de Pollo

Empanadas de Pollo

Mr. WFD was feeling adventurous and ordered a special Mexican drink called a Chavela, beer mixed with tomato juice and a dash of hot pepper sauce (or tabasco sauce). Upon tasting his drink, I felt like a bit of a wimp with my Cabernet Sauvignon seemed rather dull (though that did not stop me from ordering 2 glasses).

I cannot recommend Cantina Laredo enough. Head down there with friends, family or even alone.

Perfect for:

  • Parties
  • Drinks
  • Date night


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