A taste of Tibet at The Kailash Momo Tibetan Restaurant

When I received a message from one of my friends that she wanted to meet up, but not in the usual hotspots of Hoxton/Shoreditch I was really excited! (I get excited easily, don’t judge me).  Anyway I was excited because it meant that I would be able to introduce her to Kailash Momo, a firm favourite of mine and always a crowd-pleaser because Tibetan restaurants are few and far between in London(actually I don’t even think there is another one in London).  So we ventured into Woolwich Central and received a warm welcome from the service team. It didn’t take me long to choose the Lamb Thali, a selection of dishes that would definitely satisfy my hunger. My friend opted for a lamb curry with rice.

The food, when it arrives, comes in very healthy sized portions, I would recommend going on an empty stomach because you will be well fed. My lamb Thali came with rice, lamb curry, dal (lentil soup), dry fried potato with cauliflower, fried green vegetables, homemade chilli sauce and salad. I loved every part of this and the only dish I couldn’t finish was my lentil soup because I’d over-indulged on the rice. It genuinely felt as if someone had taken their time to cook this, it isn’t you run of your mill “curry in a hurry”, you can actually taste the authentic tibetan flavours in each dish.

Lamb Thali

Lamb Thali

The food here never disappoints and for just £7! YES £7 for Lamb Thali! It really is a great value restaurant in an under-appreciated part of London. There really is no excuse not to venture into Woolwich if only for a taste of tibet. Don’t be a postcode snob – the DLR and train connections are excellent so head down there wherever you are!

Perfect for:

  • Dinner with friends
  • Date night
  • Treat for one!


79 Woolwich New Road, London SE18 6ED

10 reasons to visit Broadway Market

I enjoy wandering through the markets of this great city and one of my favourites is Broadway Market as it’s very close to where I grew up. I recently went for a visit with my sister and had a lovely day out. Located a stone’s throw away from Haggerston and just off London Fields, the Saturday market is full of delightful finds!

Here are 10 simple reasons that you should head down to Broadway Market.

1. It’s in Hackney. I was born in Hackney so needless to say that it must be a very special and amazing place.

2. It’s a seafood lovers dream, there are number of fishmonger stalls and shops as well as a great fish and chip shop or 2! I had some beautiful smoked salmon from the Hansen & Lydersen stall, for just £3 it is a mouthwateringly perfect snack.

Hansen & Lydersen Stall

Hansen & Lydersen Stall

3. You can drink yourself healthy! Aside from some smoothie stalls, we discovered The Gingerbeer Engine – which served freshly made gingerbeer, a perfect thirst quencher on a warm spring day!

The Ginger Beer Engine

The Ginger Beer Engine

4. It doesn’t just have food stands! There’s a great vintage stall which sells great quality vintage pieces every week. I picked up a retro clutch purse for £5, I love a good bargain. There are also stalls that sell books, crafts and kiddies clothes. There really is something for everyone.

5. There’s lots of cheese, lots and lots of cheese (which I love). I bought some brie for just 80p, which had a melt in the mouth texture and went well with fresh bread.

6. If you love olives or olive oil then you’ll be in heaven! In fact just off Broadway market we discovered “The Isle of Olive“, a store which specialises in selling Greek products including a vast array of olives! I bought some hummus to go with the fresh bread and cheese we had bought.

Snacks with our Broadway Market Delights

Snacking on our Broadway Market Delights

7. The market is sandwiched between an vast array of pubs, cafes and restaurants which means you can never be bored. One of my favourite steak restaurants, Buan Ayre is located in Broadway Market and after countless times of going there it has never disappointed me!

8. If you have a sweet tooth there are lots of great independent bakers, selling cakes, fudge, brownies, marshmallows and more.

2014-05-03 14.42.58

The London Marshmallow Company

9. If you love to cook you’ll find stalls that sell unusual ingredients, chutneys, sauces and marinades to experiment with at reasonable prices.

The Newton & Pott Stall

The Newton & Pott Stall

10. It’s not just for tourists. Broadway Market is a great local market and it’s perfect for all, so if you feel like being a tourist in your own city head down!