Bim's Kitchen Sauces

In The Kitchen with Bims Kitchen Sauces

I recently connected with the co-founder of Bim’s Kitchen, James Adedeji, and was delighted when he wanted to send me samples of the various Bim’s Kitchen Sauces to try. I wasn’t expecting to receive so much but it really made my day when I received this pack of goodies! I decided that, for the rest of the week, my kitchen would effectively become “Bim’s Kitchen” and I used the sauces and jams to my delight with pretty much anything I could get my hands on!

Bim's Kitchen Sauces

Bim’s Kitchen Sauces

I made a prawn and noodle stir-fry with the African coconut chilli relish which was just scrumptious. I’m not a big fan of coconut but the chilli offset the flavour of the coconut perfectly and gave a unique flavour to my stir-fry dish.

2014-05-07 13.00.36

Prawn Stir Fry

The award-winning African Baobab Chilli jam is quite spicy but as I’m a HUGE lover of spicy food it was perfect for me. It goes great on toast with butter, even Mr WFD who isn’t a fan of spicy food enjoyed it. I preferred the chilli jam to the regular baobab jam but that comes down to the fact that I just love chillis. I’m also new to the flavour of baobab, so it was really cool to experience something new on my palate.  The African Ketchup is a great condiment which goes well with pretty much anything, although I would have loved to have tried a hot sauce from the range, as I just love hot sauce!

My next adventure was to make some BBQ chicken wings with The African Baobab BBQ Sauce. I loved the smokey/sweet flavour of this sauce and the baobab really brought out something special in the meat. It has a lovely texture and you can taste the authenticity of the product, it’s not your run of the mill BBQ sauce at all!

BBQ Chicken wings

BBQ Chicken wings

My final culinary adventure, and quite possibly my favourite one, was making some curry with Bim’s Kitchen African Tomato and Cashew Curry Sauce. This exceeded all my expectations! I usually make my curries from scratch these because I find that some of the curry sauces and pastes on the market lack depth of flavour. This curry sauce is not part of that ilk! To be fair it has won a Great Taste Gold Award so it really is something special. The combination of tomato and cashew tasted so much better than I expected, particularly since I don’t usually like nuts in my food, as if not done correctly, they can overpower a dish. I made a beef curry with this sauce and added extra chopped tomatoes to the meal. When I say that the outcome was delicious you HAVE TO BELIEVE ME! I could write a song about the divinity of that curry! Mr WFD is still raving about how lovely it was and I’m wondering if it’s OK to make another this week. Is 2 curries in less than a week good for a person? It must be surely!

2014-05-09 20.25.27

As you can tell I had a wonderful experience with Bim’s Kitchen sauces in my kitchen! I don’t think I could recommend them highly enough. I’ll be ordering more when my batch runs out and will try other products from the range. The sauces come in a variety of heats so don’t worry if you can’t cope with chillis, there is something for everyone in this range.

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A taste of Tibet at The Kailash Momo Tibetan Restaurant

When I received a message from one of my friends that she wanted to meet up, but not in the usual hotspots of Hoxton/Shoreditch I was really excited! (I get excited easily, don’t judge me).  Anyway I was excited because it meant that I would be able to introduce her to Kailash Momo, a firm favourite of mine and always a crowd-pleaser because Tibetan restaurants are few and far between in London(actually I don’t even think there is another one in London).  So we ventured into Woolwich Central and received a warm welcome from the service team. It didn’t take me long to choose the Lamb Thali, a selection of dishes that would definitely satisfy my hunger. My friend opted for a lamb curry with rice.

The food, when it arrives, comes in very healthy sized portions, I would recommend going on an empty stomach because you will be well fed. My lamb Thali came with rice, lamb curry, dal (lentil soup), dry fried potato with cauliflower, fried green vegetables, homemade chilli sauce and salad. I loved every part of this and the only dish I couldn’t finish was my lentil soup because I’d over-indulged on the rice. It genuinely felt as if someone had taken their time to cook this, it isn’t you run of your mill “curry in a hurry”, you can actually taste the authentic tibetan flavours in each dish.

Lamb Thali

Lamb Thali

The food here never disappoints and for just £7! YES £7 for Lamb Thali! It really is a great value restaurant in an under-appreciated part of London. There really is no excuse not to venture into Woolwich if only for a taste of tibet. Don’t be a postcode snob – the DLR and train connections are excellent so head down there wherever you are!

Perfect for:

  • Dinner with friends
  • Date night
  • Treat for one!

79 Woolwich New Road, London SE18 6ED