A trip to The Blue Nile Eritrean Restaurant

The Blue NileUnlike some Londoners I’m not a postcode snob. As long as I can get to a place comfortably and in good time I’m open to all places! This means that I don’t miss out on some great happenings around our lovely city. Well thankfully I didn’t have to travel too far to sample the delights of The Blue Nile Cafe/Restaurant in Woolwich. The building in which the cafe is housed, used to be a sausage making shop and the owners have kept the charm of that little piece of history with some beautiful tiling and original features.

I love Ethopian food so I was intrigued to try the Eritrean cuisine on offer at The Blue Nile. The menu is influenced by Eritrea’s Italian colonial past with hints of Italian food on the menu.

A friend and I went for lunch and enjoyed a delightful £5 offer for 2 stews and an accompanying dish of either rice or injera. We both went for the injera of course!

Blue Nile

Kilwa and Injera

I had a meat stew called Kilwa, which had beef mixed  with onion, tomatoes and garlic sautéed in a seasoned red pepper sauce as well as a spinach stew which went perfectly with my injera bread. The beef was perfectly seasoned and tender, with a sauce that was so delicious when scooped up with injera. I love my food spicy but this was not overly spicy which was actually a good thing given that it was still quite an early lunch.

I absolutely recommend visiting The Blue Nile even if you don’t live locally – the service is friendly and the food completely authentic!

Perfect for:

  • Lunch
  • Family
  • Friends



Mick Elysee

A steak to remember at the Marsden Bistro

I love steak. Basically if you ever need me to do you a favour, without question, just feed me steak and chips and I’ll do you any kind of favour as long as it’s legal.

Mick Elysee

Head Chef Mick Élysée served up a sumptuous ribeye steak at The Marsden Bistro in Hackney, which as you can see came with a healthy portion of chips and a salad which I did eat (have to be healthy). The steak was perfectly cooked to my specification and every mouthful was a delight! My mouth is currently watering just recollecting how yummy it was. I’ve taken to having my steaks Medium/Well Done as I move away from having them Well Done and this was just perfect!

The interior of The Marsden Bistro clearly has a Parisian influence, with the subtle lighting and uncomplicated furniture, it’s the perfect location for a romantic meal for two. I was with a friend, so though not quite romantic we both felt that it would be the perfect place to take our partners. The menu is simple yet concise which is just what you need really, there’s no pretentious convoluted narrative (which one can find in some menus of new restaurants). It does exactly what it says it’s going to do: an intimate restaurant that serves freshly prepared food.

If you’re looking for a lovely place to take your special someone then look no further.

Perfect for:

  • Romantic Meals
  • First Dates
  • Dinner with friends