Celebrating English Wine at The Carr Taylor Vineyard

I recently treated Mr WFD to a day out at a lovely Vineyard near Hastings called Carr Taylor. I had my first vineyard experience last summer in Virginia and fell in love! I vowed to visit an English one and was pleased to take Mr WFD on his first ever trip to a vineyard. Carr Taylor has over 40 years of history, it was established in 1971 and after many years of successfully growing and processing grapes they have developed their own English style of wine.They have won numerous awards and have become an internationally renowned brand. The tour itself lasts around 2 hours and includes wine tasting and full lunch.


Can you ever have enough cheese?

Lunch was my idea of heaven, there was so much cheese on offer that I may have gone a little over board as you can see from my plate above. Our tour guide was friendly, funny and attentive. It was a great day out and I would definitely recommend a trip to Carr Taylor, if not for an education in wine then at least to taste some of the best sparkling wine that England has to offer (not just my opinion, they’ve won awards for it)! Who doesn’t like bubbles? Seriously.

Carr Taylor Wines

Carr Taylor Wines

Carr Taylor Wines Vineyard

Carr Taylor Wines Vineyard

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I booked this day out on The Virgin Experience site but you can contact Carr Taylor directly and make sure you buy a bottle of apricot wine! It’s delicious!




Naija Cooking Sauce in The Who’s For Dinner Kitchen

I was lucky enough to receive a range of sauces, marinades, spice mixes and drinks from the wonderful folks at Odeiga House recently. Odeiga House has a range of wonderful products which truly brings the flavour of Africa and The Caribbean to the world. Their “Potent Peanut Cooking sauce” is available to buy from 73 Sainsbury stores across the UK and the Marriot Hotel group even have their suya on their menu! This reflects how great the quality of their products are.

I received 2 flavours of the Tansi Smoothies, mango & strawberry and both were scrumptious. So good in fact that I only wish that they were bigger. They’re perfect for all the family and super healthy too.

The next treat I sampled from my box of delights was the suya spice mix. I love suya and you can only really get the best tasting suya on the streets of Lagos (in my opinion) but this suya spice mix is a great alternative. I made some chicken gizzards, fried with onions and sweet pepper. My only problem was that it wasn’t spicy enough for me but then I have a tendency to eat too many chillis with my food so my tastebuds are spoilt! It was a yummy treat, if you’re not familiar with suya or in fact with chicken gizzards you’re missing out on a great food dish – it’s not too late of course, you can try this mix and see how wonderful suya is for yourself!

Chicken Gizzards

Chicken Gizzards

I made some delicious chicken meals with the spicy odeiga marinade and the balangwu suya paste. The Balangwu suya paste went perfectly with grilled chicken and jollof rice (I ate it so quickly that I forgot to take a picture sorry folks)! Fotor0602162418The spicy odeiga paste was a perfect marinade for roast chicken (pictured below). I even added some more paste to the skin of the chicken a few minutes before removing it from the oven because I loved the flavour so much!*

Roast Chicken Dinner

Roast Chicken Dinner

I haven’t tried all the spices and sauces that I have received but if they’re anything like what I have tried then I am in for a real treat. I can’t wait to make some pepper soup with the pepper soup mix soon and of course do a jerk chicken taste test with the jerk mix.

The Who’s For Dinner kitchen has been a brighter, happier place since the introduction of Odeiga House products to the pantry! Make sure you give them a try too soon!

You can purchase all the items I’ve mentioned here: http://www.naijacookingsauces.com/

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*NB There are a variety of ways to use the pastes, I just chose this method to get a depth of flavour but feel free to experiment.

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