Who’s For Dinner with Dr Maya Angelou?

Dr. Maya Angelou was simply an amazing woman; an author, poet, singer, a philanthropist, teacher and so much more! She lived her life fully.

Embracing each new opportunity with a zest for life and genuine enthusiasm. She was an inspiration to so many. I loved her work and I’m pretty certain that I’ll love her food too.

Few people know that she also had such a great love of food that she wrote cookbooks too! She did it all without apology. Lived a life of rich tapestries, just as life should be lived.

Hallelujah! The Welcome Table” and “Great Food, All Day Long” are full of recipes which reflect Maya Angelou’s many life experiences and travels around the world. I’ve added both to my wishlist. Her message of love lives on through her writing and through her recipes.

We thank you Dr Angelou!


Preparing and enjoying homemade meals provides a sense of purpose and calm, accomplishment and connection. In Hallelujah! The Welcome Table, Angelou shares memories pithy and poignant–and the recipes that helped to make them both indelible and irreplaceable.


Savor recipes for Mixed-Up Tamale Pie, All Day and Night Cornbread, Sweet Potatoes McMillan, Braised Lamb with White Beans, and Pytt I Panna (Swedish hash.) All the delicious dishes here can be eaten in small portions, and many times a day. More important, they can be converted into other mouth-watering incarnations.

Excerpts taken from The Random House site.

Celebrating English Wine at The Carr Taylor Vineyard

I recently treated Mr WFD to a day out at a lovely Vineyard near Hastings called Carr Taylor. I had my first vineyard experience last summer in Virginia and fell in love! I vowed to visit an English one and was pleased to take Mr WFD on his first ever trip to a vineyard. Carr Taylor has over 40 years of history, it was established in 1971 and after many years of successfully growing and processing grapes they have developed their own English style of wine.They have won numerous awards and have become an internationally renowned brand. The tour itself lasts around 2 hours and includes wine tasting and full lunch.


Can you ever have enough cheese?

Lunch was my idea of heaven, there was so much cheese on offer that I may have gone a little over board as you can see from my plate above. Our tour guide was friendly, funny and attentive. It was a great day out and I would definitely recommend a trip to Carr Taylor, if not for an education in wine then at least to taste some of the best sparkling wine that England has to offer (not just my opinion, they’ve won awards for it)! Who doesn’t like bubbles? Seriously.

Carr Taylor Wines

Carr Taylor Wines

Carr Taylor Wines Vineyard

Carr Taylor Wines Vineyard

P1020432 P1020434

I booked this day out on The Virgin Experience site but you can contact Carr Taylor directly and make sure you buy a bottle of apricot wine! It’s delicious!