Mr Filberts Nutty Delights

Our Fabulous Foodie, Angela Patricot reviews Mr Filberts nuts and seeds which were sent to her by Mr Filbert’s lovely team.

With so many wholesome, no-additives snacks already on the shelves, it can be difficult to make your mark, but Mr Filbert’s new products seem to be doing just that.

I tried the Chilli & Fennel mixed nuts, Sea Salt & Herbs mixed nuts, and Honey-Roasted Seeds. The packaging is appealing: vibrant but earth-like colours will make you grab them off the shelf. Will the tastes within stand up to the appeal outside?


I was interested to try the Fennel and Chilli because, as although a lover of chilli, I am pretty ambivalent about fennel. From the first mouthful my mouth turned into a pit of fire from the chilli and, so although the chilli was clearly in attendance I didn’t pick up on the distinctive aniseed flavour of the fennel. So if you’re a lover of fennel, you might be disappointed.


The Sea Salt and Herbs pack is original. Not often do we taste the wonderful aromas of Provence on something as inconspicuous as cashews and peanuts thrown together. Oregano and basil are deliciously savoury, aromatic with a hint of sweetness, but the sea salt doesn’t come through. The mixed seeds bag was more along the lines of what I expected when I embarked upon this odyssey of nuts and seeds. I enjoyed the delicate crunchiness of the honey- roasted seeds and, safe in the knowledge that seeds are good for you, I munched on the whole bag in one go. Though at over 300 kcal, this pack is a calorific bomb. Guilt-free snacks, these are not, but they do burst with freshness which will make you come back for more.

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Why Every Foodie Should Visit Bath

I last visited Bath about 11 or 12 years ago for a friend’s birthday. Being a born and bred Londoner, I used to love visiting these distant lands that called themselves cities, returning home to London to brag about what I had seen, mainly that there could be “no city like London”. But that was in my younger days when being from London seemed be some kind of indicator of coolness. Nowadays I can honestly say that England is full of wonderful cities and towns that are cool in their own right, they don’t even need to try to be cool, Bath is one of those cities. Not only is it just beautiful, so beautiful that it is a designated World Heritage Site but it is every Foodies dream.

Spending a weekend there with Mr WFD recently gave me an insight into how much of a Foodies Dream it is. There are so many wonderful places to eat and drink that it would have taken me much longer than a weekend to get through them all but here is a visual run down of why every foodie should visit Bath.

Make sure you click on each image to get more information about the places and if you ever visit Bath let me know what you think.

Tagine at The Tagine Zhor Moroccan Restaurant – one of the best Moroccan meals I’ve had outside of Morocco.

Tagine Zhor Bath

Tagine lham Bel Barkook
Lamb tagine with caramelised prunes, slow cooked in saffron, ginger, cinnamon, boiled eggs,
sprinkled with roasted almonds and sesame seeds


Comfit of Duck Tagine (N) – Lala Zhor way 
Tagine of duck with caramelised apricots and raisins, sprinkled with roasted pine nuts, and sesame

Turkish Meze and More at The Marmaris Restaurant

Mixed Meze

Mixed Meze

Lamb Kebab

Lamb Kebab

Sweet Fudge at The Fudge Kitchen

Bath Fudge being made

Bath Fudge being made

Japanese Delights at Yen Sushi


Tobiko – Flying Fish Roe
Tiny Fish Eggs


The Kaiten sushi Conveyor belt

Squid Tentacles

Squid Tentacles

Hope you get a chance to visit Bath soon!