Parma Ham Delights At Terroni

On November 17th 2014, fabulous foodie Toks Aruoture found fun at Terroni celebrating their Parma Ham Certification. This certification denotes the authenticity of their ham as being produced in Parma, Northern Italy.  Read about her experience and head down to Terroni to find authentic Italian food soon.

The company was established 137 years ago, by Mr Luigi Terroni, a first generation Italian who emigrated to England. It was based in the then Italian quarters, now known as Clerkenwell. The business thrived, changed hands, closed for four years and returned back to the Annessa family who now run it. It now serves the UK as the premier supplier of real Italian parma ham. Besides supplying delicatessens across the country Terroni is also a walk-in deli/ coffee house open to the public.


Chef Aldo Zilli

There is no mistaking the lively Italian culture once you step into this family deli. Black and white pictures dotted around the store tells of its rich history spanning generations. We were given a passionate speech about the store’s rich heritage, and celebrity Chef Aldo Zilli shared some humourous words before unveiling the Anniversary Crown Parma Ham Slicer. The Parma ham was rich, succulent and tasty and we had the opportunity to sample it in a variety of wonderful combinations- with mango, melon, apple, the works. The prosciutto was quite simply to die for, practically melting in your mouth like butter, and wine was plentiful and of excellent quality.

Toks (left) with Chef Aldo Zilli and Helen (right)

Toks (left) with Chef Aldo Zilli and Helen (right)

Stop by for a coffee and some Italian canapes in this world-famous deli.

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Pizza Less Ordinary at Pizza Rossa

Inspired by the street food vendors of Italy,  Pizza Rossa,  the artisanal pizza al taglio – by the square slice – opens its first permanent outlet at London Wall this month and I was pleased to be invited to the launch party. What I loved most about the pizzas aside from the fresh ingredients was their base. The base was light yet crispy and very moreish! Thankfully it’s a healthy base otherwise I would have left feeling too full!

Pizza Rossa Foodie Map of Italy!

Pizza Rossa Foodie Map of Italy!

A fellow guest eagerly grabs a slice!

A fellow guest eagerly grabs a slice!

The Pizza Rossa team uses less wheat to create a uses an innovative process for a dough which is crisp and crunchy, lower calorie. Located just a couple of minutes away from Moorgate, this is the perfect spot for City workers, pizzas are ready in 90 seconds (even though they don’t taste like it!).  It’s fast Italian food created with care and authenticity!

PIZZA ROSSA  168 London Wall London EC2M 5QD