A Taste of Fairfields Farm Turkey-Flavoured Crisps

Foodie Correspondent, Harriet Mupungu reviews Fairfields Farm KellyBronze Turkey with Sage and Onion flavoured crisps.

I’m not a fan of turkey the meat but will happily try out turkey-flavoured food items particularly at this time of the year when most of us are excited about Christmas!


Turkey-Flavoured Crisps

The packaging of Farmfields Farm Crisps did not impress me. The crisps come in a somewhat thick plastic wrapper with a paper sleeve, the wrapper is perhaps too thick.

Turkey Crisps

Turkey Crisps

The crisps though, are absolutely delightful! The turkey flavouring is only a hint, which to me was the right dosage, not too overpowering and not hidden. What makes the crisps a lovely snack is the distinct sage seasoning. You will most definitely need a glass of water with these.

Unlike what you would usually find in most crisps packs, the crisps are of similar bite size. They are just about the right crisp texture. Overall, a decent pack of crisps.



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Teatime with Toast&

I was recently invited to experience an Afternoon Tea with Toast&, a baking brand by Doreen Balogun.

Mr WFD and I were welcomed warmly at this pop-up style afternoon tea event and were keen to try all the fabulous treats on offer. I first discovered Toast& at a small business event in the summer organised by The 2Inspire Network. There was an ample supply of sweet treats, sandwiches and tea, lots and lots of tea.

Here’s what was on the menu:

  • pistachio and dark chocolate shortbread
  • sun-dried tomato and cheddar shortbread
  • basil and olive scones served with tomato pesto
  • raspberry cream sponge
  • blackberry jam Victoria sponge
  • salmon and dill sandwiches
  • beef, cheddar, red onion chutney and rocket sandwiches
  • elderflower, mint and lime fizz
  • lemon,earl grey and poppy seed slices

My favourite had to be the basil & olive scones, the savoury treat was delectable. The cakes were of course delightful, in particular the lemon, earl grey and poppy seed slice.

Toast& Teatime

Toast& Teatime

2014-11-15 13.32.52

Toast& Teatime

Toast& offers a range of homemade sandwiches, scones toast& more, support a new and growing business and get in touch whenever you next need some baked goodies for your special occasion.



Email- toastandtalk@outlook.com