Snack time with Crosta & Mollica’s Bolli

Snacks are great! Mini treats that tide us over until our main meals. Crosta & Mollica were kind enough to send me the latest edition to their snack range, Bolli, to try for my snack time treat. Made to a traditional recipe with wheat flour, potato and virgin olive oil, Bolli which means ‘stamps’ in Italian, was the name given to these crackers by bakers in Northern Italy because of their distinctive shape.  I ate mine with some black olives and Camembert cheese, the only thing missing was some white wine and it would have been perfect.

The crackers are flavour-filled and the pack portions are generous. As you can see this is just over a handful of crackers and it was an ample portion for me.

20140805_154931 (1)

These crisp braked Italian crackers are infused with black pepper and are perfect for dipping.  One thing that struck me most about Bolli is that they are far from boring, the kick of the pepper and the texture of the crackers makes them ideal for canape creations too. You can even eat them plain, as they really are quite yummy. I still have plenty left and will try with some smoked salmon & cream cheese or hummus or anything else more daring!

You can find Bolli and other Crosta & Mollica’s products in Waitrose.

A Shout Out To Steak and Lobster

This is a quick shout out to the folks at Steak and Lobster.

As you know by now I have an obsession with steak…I love it! I also prefer shellfish to actual fish, give me crabs (keep it clean folks this is a family friendly blog), lobster and prawns over cod any day. So to have the 2 combined is always a firm favourite.

Steak and Lobster keep it simple and friendly. You get steak cooked to your preference and select grilled or steamed lobster. The salad is yummy and the fries are unlimited. We went for garlic, white wine and mushroom sauce with our steak and devoured pretty much every last bit of our meal.

Decent meal at a decent meal. Nothing else to say really. Get down there is you can.

I did have lobster too but clearly my love of steak had an impact on this picture...sorry!

I did have lobster too but clearly my love of steak had an impact on this picture…sorry!

At just £20 for either steak or lobster (or like my friend and I did both…we order one of each and split it) you could probably afford to go every week.

Perfect for:

  • Catching up with friends