Luxury ice cream at Snowflake Gelato

I’m coining the term “SnowFlakey”…even if it’s not in the Oxford Dictionary! It should be.

Snowflake Gelato

Snowflake Gelato

This is a quick shout out to Snowflake Gelato. Ever since trying their gelatos a while back I keep trying to find reasons to be in Wardour Street. To be honest, just going in to taste the gelatos should be reason enough. They are divine! Trust me. I’ve only ever had ice cream like this in Italy so believe me when I say it’s worth a visit. I’m not the biggest dessert fan but I will make an exception for them. I tried Chocolate, Pistachio and Honeycomb crunch and all were sublime but the pistachio was REALLY something special. It literally felt as though I was eating pistachios without the crunch…just delightful!

So don’t be flakey…just go! Unless of course you’re being snowflakey then you’re part of the fanclub! OK Maybe this term isn’t quite as good as I first thought…


A dash of Monkey Shoulder at Central and Co

I was lucky enough to be invited to a cocktail masterclass hosted at Central and Co recently! I love cocktails so it would have been rude have me NOT to have accepted. My friend and I went along and were introduced to a world of much merriment!  I had never heard of Monkey Shoulder before so was intrigued to learn that it’s a whiskey. You learn something new every day. I like whiskey although I usually just drink it with coke so learning some new cocktail recipes was great (side note: most recipes have now been forgotten, that’s nothing to do with the amount I had to drink…I promise).

Our host, a brand ambassador from Monkey Shoulder, Scotch Whiskey, was super friendly and taught us how to make 3 cocktails, which we were “forced” to drink! 😉 I now know how a proper “Old Fashioned” is supposed to taste…basically very strong! We had a cocktail challenge too which was great except my friend and I did not win despite clearly being the best – see evidence below:

monkey shoulder central & co

The Cocktail that should have won!

I’ll definitely try Monkey Shoulder again one day and will do my best to mix a winning cocktail along the way (that was not supposed to rhyme)

Central and Co is a great venue to meet up for drinks too, facing Carnaby Street it’s perfect for an evening catch up with friends to get the night started!

Visit Central and Co –

Visit Monkey Shoulder


Not too Flat at Flatplanet!

Just wanted to mention a new discovery! Flatplanet! I was actually craving pizza when a friend and I walked into Flatplanet, just off Carnaby Street.

It’s a very simple concept – different toppings served on flatbreads, they look like pizzas but as I soon found out they’re not. They are not as heavy as your usually pizza meal and super healthy given that the majority of the ingredients are organic.

flatplaceTo start I had the most delicious quinoa salad – it was so good I think I almost drank it – seriously go for it when you visit! I had a Morrocan flatbread, which was topped with houmous, lebneh, tomatoes, basil, olives and drizzled with rose harissa. It was delicious although there was A LOT of houmous, thankfully I like houmous but it may have been a little excessive. To finish my meal I had a super yummy gluten free chocolate chip cookie. So I basically had 3 courses, all for under £13 and left feeling mighty healthy too!

The service isn’t anything to shout about but it’s not the type of establishment that one would go to for impeccable  service. They were decent which I suppose is enough.

flatplanetI would say give Flatplanet a try if you’re looking for an alternative to pizza! You won’t regret it…especially if you try that Quinoa salad! Jeeeezzzz that was delicious!




Perfect for:

  • Friends
  • lunch
  • Healthy late dinner