Winter Warming Soups from Tideford Organics

Fabulous Foodie Angela Patricot was sent Tideford Soups new winter range to review in time for the festive season.

Tideford Soups, with a good range of flavours of offer, are an easy way to achieve your 5 or 7-a-day whilst packing in great flavour.

Image by Angela

Image by Angela

The Winter Beetroot with Curly Kale is a vibrant and enticing red but sadly I found the texture too watery. I think making it thicker would make it more suitable and enjoyable for winter. At the moment, and despite its name, it’s better suited as a summer soup. The curly kale adds specks of green to the soup and a nice peppery taste, which is warming and lovely.

On the other hand though, the Red Lentil with apricots and crushed chillies is perfect for winter. Warming, deep in flavour with just the right amount of kick from the chilli. However, of the aforementioned apricots there was little sign.

The sweet potato soup with chia seeds & quinoa is delicious and of the three my clear favourite. The sweetness of the potato is beautifully offset by the nuttiness of the quinoa, and the chia seeds provide texture to a rich, smooth soup.

Red Lentil Soup with Apricots and Crushed Chillies - Image from Tidefords

Soups – Image by Tideford

With Tideford organic soups you know you are getting ingredients prepared with care. I’m impressed that you can find gluten/wheat/dairy free products with low fat/sugar/salt and such a great taste in the market. I’ll defintely be coming back for more whatever the season!
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The Classic Taste of Caviar

I was recently sent some Amur Beluga Caviar by the wonderful team at Caviar Classic, a caviar company based in London. I was excited to try this because I usually only have fish eggs at a sushi restaurant or a tiny bit of caviar as part of a canape at a networking event.

The first time I have ever had caviar I was 10 years old and it was a gift from my uncle who lives in Moscow, Russia (I was a lucky child) and since that time don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to just have caviar in my fridge, waiting to be consumed. So I have to admit I took my time before I tried it, I just loved opening my fridge to my jar of luxury caviar…it made me feel so glamourous. But eventually the temptation to actually eat it was far too overwhelming.

Caviar fresh from my fridge

Caviar fresh from my fridge

My 10gm jar came with a spoon, perfectly formed to dip into these edible “pearls” of yumminess. I initially struggled to open the jar and panicked, would I forever have this jar in my fridge as some kind of culinary ornament? Thankfully after a few twists and turns I was finally able to see what I had been missing. They were beautiful, glistening in the light ready to be eaten just as they were. I didn’t need anything else, I didn’t need a blini base or glass of champagne (even though I had a bottle in the fridge ready and waiting), I didn’t need any vodka to drink alongside it was perfect just as it was.

2014-11-28 12.52.46

Amur Beluga

Amur Beluga

Amur Beluga

A smooth and creamy texture which melted on my tongue with every mouthful. If you are not used to caviar you might find that it’s a bit salty but that shouldn’t override the main flavour and overall taste sensation. However if the salty flavour is too much for you then perhaps an accompanying drink might help, such as champagne or vodka (assuming that you drink). One thing that I will say is that some people write-off caviar because of what it is (fish eggs) or because have tasted the wrong type for their palate. Once you find the right kind of caviar for your palate you will really enjoy it (I hope).

I enjoyed this treat and it really is a treat. We often associate caviar with luxury and decadence, rarely would I even consider purchasing caviar to have at home unless it was for a very special occasion.  Caviar London is bringing high quality caviar to consumers at reasonable prices, it’s affordable foodie luxury. It is also worth mentioning that the caviar is ethically and sustainable sourced which is vital to know when consuming this type of food product. The Amur Beluga caviar which I was sent to review starts from £19 but there is a variety of caviar on the Caviar Classic site to choose from.

Treat yourself to something special, you deserve it!

Let me know what you think if you do get a chance to try some caviar. Tweet me or tweet @caviarclondon