Not too Flat at Flatplanet!

Just wanted to mention a new discovery! Flatplanet! I was actually craving pizza when a friend and I walked into Flatplanet, just off Carnaby Street.

It’s a very simple concept – different toppings served on flatbreads, they look like pizzas but as I soon found out they’re not. They are not as heavy as your usually pizza meal and super healthy given that the majority of the ingredients are organic.

flatplaceTo start I had the most delicious quinoa salad – it was so good I think I almost drank it – seriously go for it when you visit! I had a Morrocan flatbread, which was topped with houmous, lebneh, tomatoes, basil, olives and drizzled with rose harissa. It was delicious although there was A LOT of houmous, thankfully I like houmous but it may have been a little excessive. To finish my meal I had a super yummy gluten free chocolate chip cookie. So I basically had 3 courses, all for under £13 and left feeling mighty healthy too!

The service isn’t anything to shout about but it’s not the type of establishment that one would go to for impeccable  service. They were decent which I suppose is enough.

flatplanetI would say give Flatplanet a try if you’re looking for an alternative to pizza! You won’t regret it…especially if you try that Quinoa salad! Jeeeezzzz that was delicious!




Perfect for:

  • Friends
  • lunch
  • Healthy late dinner


A trip to The Blue Nile Eritrean Restaurant

The Blue NileUnlike some Londoners I’m not a postcode snob. As long as I can get to a place comfortably and in good time I’m open to all places! This means that I don’t miss out on some great happenings around our lovely city. Well thankfully I didn’t have to travel too far to sample the delights of The Blue Nile Cafe/Restaurant in Woolwich. The building in which the cafe is housed, used to be a sausage making shop and the owners have kept the charm of that little piece of history with some beautiful tiling and original features.

I love Ethopian food so I was intrigued to try the Eritrean cuisine on offer at The Blue Nile. The menu is influenced by Eritrea’s Italian colonial past with hints of Italian food on the menu.

A friend and I went for lunch and enjoyed a delightful £5 offer for 2 stews and an accompanying dish of either rice or injera. We both went for the injera of course!

Blue Nile

Kilwa and Injera

I had a meat stew called Kilwa, which had beef mixed  with onion, tomatoes and garlic sautéed in a seasoned red pepper sauce as well as a spinach stew which went perfectly with my injera bread. The beef was perfectly seasoned and tender, with a sauce that was so delicious when scooped up with injera. I love my food spicy but this was not overly spicy which was actually a good thing given that it was still quite an early lunch.

I absolutely recommend visiting The Blue Nile even if you don’t live locally – the service is friendly and the food completely authentic!

Perfect for:

  • Lunch
  • Family
  • Friends


Ben and Jerry’s Goes Greek!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Ben and Jerry’s Launch of their Greek-Style Frozen Yogurt range by fabulous blogging queen, OndoLady this week.

Inside The GreekWe were treated to some delicious Greek Food from The Real Greek, Covent Garden – which I just have to say is definitely worth trying!

The main event of course was trying the 3 FroYo flavours which include Strawberry Shortcake, a rich Greek yoghurt sprinkled with juicy strawberry bits whirled with crumbly shortcake biscuit; Raspberry Chocolate Chunk, a blend of zingy raspberry notes with smooth chocolatey chunks; and Vanilla Honey Caramel, a soft vanilla FroYo with a swirl of gooey honey caramel.

Ben and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's Ben and Jerry's
I have to say that my favourite flavour was the Vanilla Honey Caramel! It was just the right balance of sweetness and flavour that will make it perfect for a summer dessert. It also helps that these FroYos have 40% less fat than the original Ben and Jerry’s Ice Creams.

Anyway grab yourself a tub! You won’t be disappointed – I mean really since when has Ben and Jerry’s EVER been a disappointment?