Putting The O in The O-Tower Caribbean Restaurant

Over the Easter Weekend I decided to venture into the lovely streets of Bermondsey  with Mr Man – a hidden gem in my opinion. After a few drinks we both became peckish but didn’t want to head back to London Bridge. I recalled once seeing a Caribbean restaurant on Tower Bride Road that I was keen to try and so we took to the streets in search of it. The O Tower is not difficult to miss – with its yellow signage and bright exterior. With a wide bar, plenty of plants and a friendly smile from the owner we were welcomed into the wonderful world of The O-Tower. The menu was simple and had all the staples that you would expect from a decent Caribbean restaurant.

Crab Claws - Rice & Peas and Fish Stew

Crab Claws – Rice & Peas and Fish Stew

I ordered the chef’s special fish stew with rice and peas, whilst Mr Man ordered Oxtail with rice and peas. We also decided to go for some crab claws with sweet chilli sauce, not fresh crab but still yummy as a pre-dinner snack.

The fish was perfectly seasoned though not spicy enough for me and went perfectly with the rice and peas. I personally found the Oxtail stew too salty, I’m not a fan of salt but even Mr Man agreed that it was a touch too salty. It was a hearty meal with perfect portion sizes, exactly what you want from an authentic Caribbean meal. We were able to “bring a bottle” which added a touch of homeliness to the experience. As the restaurant became busier we overheard the Owner/Head Chef, Orville,  tell a fellow diner that the restaurant would be closing it’s doors for the final time the very next week!  It was a shame that we wouldn’t be able to return because I honestly would recommend The O-Tower. All is not lost however as Head Chef Orville will continue to run a successful catering business.

I’m sure that The O-Tower restaurant will be missed but onwards and upwards for Orville.


Orville Chef Catering – 07851354240/02073949204

Oxtail Stew with Rice and Peas

Oxtail Stew with Rice and Peas

Who’s For Something Different? Fried Gluten Anyone?

 Patrick Grell


One of our lovely friends in Trinidad & Tobago, Patrick Grell, sent us this picture of what has to be one of the most unusual tinned food items I’ve ever seen! Fried Gluten: Vegetarian Mock Duck. I understand the importance of variety for vegetarians but this looks…well interesting. Thanks for sharing Patrick.

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The wind beneath my Sticky Wings

I need you all to take this address down: 40 Brick Lane, London E2. Do you have that saved in your address book on your phone? Yes? Good.

Sticky Wings

That’s the address of a restaurant that serves some of the best chicken wings I’ve ever tasted and I lived in the “Deep South” aka Virginia in The States for a year so I know what I’m talking about.

Succulent, full of flavour, ambrosial…all adjectives that can be used to describe the chicken wings at StickyWings. Look I’m not going to bore you with a long review here, I’m in love with the place so it might just get emotional if I write for very much longer.

All you need to know is this:

  • The Chicken Wings are amazing.
  • The owner AKA The Boss Man is super friendly
  • The meals are super value for money (Less than a tenner for my meal and a coca cola)
  • The interior is bright and colourful without being tacky
  • Did I say that the Chicken Wings are amazing?

Get going there today! Even if you have already made plans! Just go…I beseech you. If you don’t like what you eat then well something’s wrong with your taste buds or you really just don’t like chicken and therefore you should not have gone in the first place! That’s a joke. I love you for reading my post for this long!

StickyWings heaven

StickyWings heaven

Seriously though head down there, you really won’t be disappointed. I had American Buffalo and StickyWings BBQ flavoured wings with fries and I’m still thinking about them to this day.

All hail StickyWings and all that is gloriously delicious!

Perfect for:

  • Lunch
  • Fun evening
  • Evening with friends
  • Informal date night