Neat & Dirty Alcoholic Olives from Olives Et Al

When the lovely team at Olives Et Al sent me a jar of their new range of alcohol infused olives to review I was SO excited. These are the world’s first olives aimed at over 18s and since I love olives and enjoy alcohol, so it had to be a winning combination!

Gin infused olives

Gin infused olives

I wanted to try to them immediately but had to wait patiently for them to freeze. The olives I received were preserved in gin and naturally infused with lemon, and have to be served direct from the freezer to get the full impact of flavours. They can be added to cocktails, gin and tonic or simply eaten icy cold. I’m not a fan of gin and tonic cocktails so I decided to have mine as an ice cold snack.

2014-12-13 16.12.49

The olive dish came separately!

2014-12-13 16.11.25

Up close and personal with a Gin infused olive

They deliver a powerfully boozy kick! It’s a taste sensation that I was not expecting. The combination of the lemon, gin and frozen olives was all a bit too much for me. My tastebuds were in a state of confusion from the cold kick from the frozen olives, having never tried frozen olives before, and the alcoholic aftertaste was intense. I’ll admit I was not up to the challenge of eating all of these olives but for  the sake of a fair review I asked my neighbour to try them and she loved them! Actually she ended up eating all of them and was ready to make some cocktails with them too. She’s a gin lover so it was a winner for her. I think if I had tried the vodka flavoured  olives I probably would have enjoyed them more. They are an unusual and fun foodie treat though and I recommend trying them if only to have them as a talking point at your next dinner party or at boozy picnic in the summer.

Visit to order or find out where to buy and let me know what you think of them once you’ve tried them.

10 Reasons To Love Coconut Oil

When the wonderful team at Afro Fit sent me a jar of African Virgin Coconut Oil to try it struck me how versatile this oil is. I only started using it for my skin and hair in 2013 but it has so many health benefits and is used in cooking too, so I decided to do a quick run down of a few of those benefits.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Here are a few reasons why everyone should use Coconut Oil:

  1. Coconut Oil is a real saturated oil, so it’s a healthy type of fat (yes they do exist) that can be used for medium and high heat cooking like frying or baking. I’m a real fan of finding healthier types of oils to use when cooking especially for my shallow-frying. There are plenty of recipes that one can use coconut oil with. Here are just a few from some fellow food bloggers.
  2. Coconut oil is a superb skin moisturiser, I can attest to it keeping my skin soft and supple throughout the seasons.
  3. Coconut oil is a great conditioner and moisturiser for hair, I have afro hair and use it regular to maintain the health of my hair.
  4. Coconut oil is great for your teeth. I have never tried it but according to many health “gurus” coconut oil can whiten and strength teeth and also improve gum health!
  5. Many people attest to the fact that coconut oil improves digestion and even prevents constipation which is all the more reason to use it for cooking.
  6. Coconut oil is like breast milk! Virgin coconut oil happens to have the highest concentration of lauric acid outside of breast milk and thus is said to help support a healthier immune system.
  7. A spoonful of coconut oil makes tea taste even better! This one I have tried and it’s true. It takes some getting used to, but it gives a nice creamy flavour to tea. I wouldn’t recommend making this a daily addition to your tea though, just a once in a while treat.
  8. Coconut oil is basically beauty magic in a jar. From make up remover to face cleanser there are so many beauty uses for this oil.
  9. Coconut oil is good for the brain and scientific studies have shown that it helps with brain activity and may prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  10. Coconut oil is for EVERYBODY – vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers like me! It’s the ideal oil for everyone.

One thing that might initially discourage or even scare some people is that the oil becomes hard in cold temperatures.  If you wish to use it for your hair or skin I would recommend soaking the jar in a wash basin of hot water for a few minutes. Please remember that the above are simply suggestions; if you have any other idea on how to use Coconut oil leave a comment below.

Afro Fit African Virgin Coconut Oil is sourced and processed in Ghana, West Africa, by small-scale local farmers who use traditional methods to make the oil. They are a small business supporting small businesses in Africa and for that I salute them.

Tweet @afrofit_ if you have any questions about coconut oil or order a jar online for £10.