A taste of Tibet at The Kailash Momo Tibetan Restaurant

When I received a message from one of my friends that she wanted to meet up, but not in the usual hotspots of Hoxton/Shoreditch I was really excited! (I get excited easily, don’t judge me).  Anyway I was excited because it meant that I would be able to introduce her to Kailash Momo, a firm favourite of mine and always a crowd-pleaser because Tibetan restaurants are few and far between in London(actually I don’t even think there is another one in London).  So we ventured into Woolwich Central and received a warm welcome from the service team. It didn’t take me long to choose the Lamb Thali, a selection of dishes that would definitely satisfy my hunger. My friend opted for a lamb curry with rice.

The food, when it arrives, comes in very healthy sized portions, I would recommend going on an empty stomach because you will be well fed. My lamb Thali came with rice, lamb curry, dal (lentil soup), dry fried potato with cauliflower, fried green vegetables, homemade chilli sauce and salad. I loved every part of this and the only dish I couldn’t finish was my lentil soup because I’d over-indulged on the rice. It genuinely felt as if someone had taken their time to cook this, it isn’t you run of your mill “curry in a hurry”, you can actually taste the authentic tibetan flavours in each dish.

Lamb Thali

Lamb Thali

The food here never disappoints and for just £7! YES £7 for Lamb Thali! It really is a great value restaurant in an under-appreciated part of London. There really is no excuse not to venture into Woolwich if only for a taste of tibet. Don’t be a postcode snob – the DLR and train connections are excellent so head down there wherever you are!

Perfect for:

  • Dinner with friends
  • Date night
  • Treat for one!


79 Woolwich New Road, London SE18 6ED

Chocolate Heaven at The South East Brownie Bar

The South East Brownie Bar

The South East Brownie Bar

I love chocolate. I’m always suspicious of anyone who doesn’t like chocolate…I’d still be friends with them but I’d still look at them suspiciously. Anyway through the magic of twitter I met the lovely Maria, the founder of The South East Brownie Bar (her business combines 2 fabulous words Brownie and Bar, I had to follow!). Established in Peckham, South East London, The South East Brownie Bar is a simple yet marvellous concept which celebrates the beauty of the chocolate brownie!

I was lucky enough to get a treat bag at The Urban Food Festival in Shoreditch, which had a range of special flavours for me to try (see image below). My favourites had to be the Oreo Seoul brownie and The Peanut butter Manga (aptly named due to the Korean themed festival day).

2014-05-03 18.13.30

2014-05-03 18.15.25

Inside my treat bag!

Starting from just £1 for a brownie bite, these treats are just too good to not give a try! As soon as I took one out of the bag, someone stopped me mid bite to let me know how delicious it looked and promptly went in search of the South East Brownie Bar. The brownies are perfect for sharing, I shared some with my sister, with my boyfriend, I even shared one with a fellow commuter who I randomly struck up conversation with on public transport (the sunshine in London makes people SO FRIENDLY). To be honest I wanted everyone to taste the deliciousness of these brownies.

The Brownie Bar

I recommend that you find out where the Brownie Bar will be coming near you soon and get yourself a treat bag. You’ll get a mouthful of delightful chocolate and friendly service from a brilliant entrepreneur. Maria, I salute you!



A quick shout out to Sushi & Friends

My sister (who is fast becoming a WFD ambassador) and I wandered down to the Urban Food Festival recently which had the theme of “Japanese Harajuku girls & Korean Gagnam boys”. We weren’t hungry so aside from drinking Hite Korean beer we were just chilling out. I had a crazing for some sushi though and initially panicked when I couldn’t immediately see any (my food cravings make me rather excitable!) but thankfully Sushi & Friends came to the rescue. I opted for some Nigiri Prawn (3 for £2), which was fresh well made and came with everything you would expect – pickled ginger, wasabi paste and soy sauce. Far better than a packet of crisps!

The Sushi & Friends Selection

The Sushi & Friends Selection

Nigiri Prawn

Nigiri Prawn

If you missed them at The Urban Food Festival, you can find Sushi & Friends in Old Street Station.