Thirst Quenched by Simplee Aloe

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant! You can use it for everything, from your skin to your hair and thanks to Simplee Aloe you can drink it too.

The lovely team at Simplee Aloe sent me some bottles as a treat over Christmas. It’s a refreshing drink and super healthy; its great for your skin, immune system and for detoxing, so the perfect way to start a New Year. I enjoyed this juice, it is not a sweet drink, it actually tastes healthy and a good alternative to water (I get bored of drinking water so often have to mix it with squash). There were some residual bits of aloe vera in the drink which just adds to the authenticity of it, don’t worry if you don’t like bits though it really is hardly noticeable. It’s a great thirst quencher and definitely worth trying, especially if you want to add something healthy to your diet.

Simplee Aloe Juice

Simplee Aloe Juice

If you want to buy yourself some Simplee Aloe juice visit to find all of their stockists.

A Taste of France at Elena’s L’Etoile

Once in a while I just crave French food. I can’t explain it, I just suddenly get a taste for all things French, the evening I went to Elena’s L’Etoile was one such occasion. I originally booked via OpenTable and selected a set menu but on the evening itself we changed our minds and went for A La Carte.

My friend and I both went for the Pan fried duck breast with Bok choi, roast shallot, carrot and ginger puree, mild spice sauce. It was delicious but it would have been even better if it were a slightly bigger portion. Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by some of the other French restaurants I’ve been to in Paris or maybe I was just very hungry.

Pan fried duck breast

Pan fried duck breast

Elena's L'Etoile

Elena’s L’Etoile

One of the best things about Elena’s L’Etoile is the interior design and ambiance, it really does feel like an authentic Parisian eatery. All the pictures of the celebrities on the wall amused us, there seemed to be a lot of Eastenders Cast members on the wall! We sat at the back of the restaurant which is particularly intimate and cosy.

The service was good, although there were a few “Fawlty Towers” moments, our waiter was very friendly, almost too friendly, he almost invited us to his wedding. It made for a fun and very pleasant visit.

I would definitely recommend that you pay Elena’s L’Etoile a visit, if only for the ambiance.

Perfect for:

  • Romantic dinners
  • Catching up with friends

30 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 2NG