Love Chin Chin Brings A Taste of Nigeria To The World

Chin chin is a Nigerian snack that I have grown up eating, in fact it is one of those snacks that I have always associated with special occasions and parties because that’s where you’re most likely to be offered bowls of chin-chin to enjoy. It is a simple sweet snack which I have often thought should be made more widely available to the masses, like its counterpart plantain crisps!

The wonderful team at Love Chin Chin sent me a couple of packets to try recently and I wasn’t disappointed. If you’re not familiar with chin chin it is a crunchy Snack which tastes like mini biscuits but has a vanilla sponge cake flavour, you have to taste it to see what I mean. Love Chin Chin has done a great job of keeping it’s unique flavour and shape, ensuring that the product will be enjoyed by people who have never tasted it before and those who have grown up eating it like myself.  As well as the original vanilla flavour there are also cinammon and chilli flavoured chin chin in the range.

Love Chin Chin is bringing a taste of West Africa to the world!

Love Chin Chin

Love Chin Chin in the Who’s For Dinner Kitchen

‘Crunches like a biscuit, tastes like a cake!’ – Enjoy at any time of the day; in the morning with coffee, in packed lunches, the ideal energy boost with tea in the afternoon and delicious to share as nibbles with friends over a glass of wine, beer or cocktails.

Using a unique traditional West African family recipe, the sweet snack is made with only natural ingredients and flavourings. Individual eye-catching 70g packs retail at £1.00 and come in vanilla, cinnamon, lemon and chilli flavours to tempt.

Founder and Managing Director Bolu Akindoyin couldn’t wait to get back from school every day for a daily treat of his mother’s Chin Chin. Word spread amongst his friends that this was something new and special and it soon became the highlight of the school day. “I was used to my mother being asked to prepare her Chin Chin for people for their special family occasions like birthdays and weddings, but we had no idea just how great it was:  until my friends kept asking for more. I promised that when I grew up everybody in the country would know how good my mother’s recipe was and the world would love her Chin Chin.”

Love Chin Chin

Love Chin Chin

It doesn’t need to be a special occasion now to get your hands on this delicious new snack treat. Love Chin Chin is now available across 70 selected Tesco branches nationwide in the World Foods aisle. Love Chin Chin is part of a new focus at Tesco designed to raise awareness of a growing wave of exciting new foods coming from Africa, as that continent slowly reveals its rich food heritage and culture to the world.

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Thirst Quenched by Simplee Aloe

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant! You can use it for everything, from your skin to your hair and thanks to Simplee Aloe you can drink it too.

The lovely team at Simplee Aloe sent me some bottles as a treat over Christmas. It’s a refreshing drink and super healthy; its great for your skin, immune system and for detoxing, so the perfect way to start a New Year. I enjoyed this juice, it is not a sweet drink, it actually tastes healthy and a good alternative to water (I get bored of drinking water so often have to mix it with squash). There were some residual bits of aloe vera in the drink which just adds to the authenticity of it, don’t worry if you don’t like bits though it really is hardly noticeable. It’s a great thirst quencher and definitely worth trying, especially if you want to add something healthy to your diet.

Simplee Aloe Juice

Simplee Aloe Juice

If you want to buy yourself some Simplee Aloe juice visit to find all of their stockists.