SundayLunch By Lunch Box Gift: Home Cooked Meals For Children Orphaned By Ebola

We love this charitable initiative which is saving lives and changing the face of grassroots altruism. After serving close to 40,000 meals to patients and staff at Ebola treatment centres in Western Sierra Leone, London based LunchBoxGift, has now shifted its focus to the plight of young children who have been tragically orphaned by Ebola.

SundayLunch is the latest crisis-based feeding programme by LunchBoxGift specifically targeting Ebola orphans and their caregivers. Working alongside specialist child protection agencies in Sierra Leone who already provide educational and psychosocial support, LunchBoxGift will help to address the nutritional needs of these highly vulnerable children. Their gift of a hearty meal for all the family also frees up income that can then be redirected towards other welfare needs. Packaged with young children in mind, the Sunday Lunchboxes will be light hearted and fun; an uplifting gift to look forward to every Sunday!

To show donors and sponsors exactly how their donations help to make a difference, LunchBoxGift is extremely proud to announce a brand new custom-built enterprise mobile app. The app will provide up-to-the-minute tracking of all deliveries and send donors live photo alerts by email, every time food is delivered to the family they sponsor. This unique, ground breaking solution has been developed by their technology partner, Journey Apps.
Often stigmatised and rejected by their communities for fear of catching this deadly disease, Ebola orphans are unarguably among the worst affected by the crisis. Many of them have lost everything; their parents, siblings, other close family members and even their possessions. Everything around them has changed drastically and without sustained help and support, they face a very uncertain and precarious future.

The SundayLunch initiative will provide regular sustenance and nutritional support not just to orphans, but also to the courageous foster families and caregivers who themselves are often underprivileged and struggling to cope with the devastation that has characterized the Ebola crisis.

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Over the past twelve months, Ebola has ruined the lives of many in West Africa, reaching epidemic proportions. Widely referred to as the worst health crisis of modern times, it has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the WHO. Until very recently, the virus had no known cure, with only a 50% survival rate on average. Over 12,000 children have lost one or both parents to Ebola in Sierra Leone and around 2,000 of them are based in the Western province.
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