6 Foodie YouTube Channels To Follow Today!

YouTube continues to change the media landscape and in the food world it has given individuals the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents without waiting for a mainstream TV deal. What I particularly love about YouTube foodies is that they are all very unique and unashamed about their love of food. If you haven’t found at least one foodie that you like on YouTube yet here are few suggestions. Watch and subscribe and don’t forget to share their videos!

Yo Yum Tum – a fantastic video restaurant guide which features restaurants and pop ups in London and other cities from around the world.

In My Kitchen – a cute and quirky web show where professional chefs are challenged to cook a two-course meal for six people using the ingredients they find in a London apartment kitchen. The chefs are allowed to bring one magic ingredient, their own knives and amazing recipe ideas.

Day of Gluttony – Harry & Bruce are basically living every foodies dream. They travel around North America on a mission to visit 24 restaurants in 24 hours. Hopefully they will make it to Africa, South America, Asia and Europe one day!

My Burnt Orange – You will find a range of recipes and cuisine from across Africa on Freda’s Channel which she describes as “The home of the Afro Cosmopolitan Diet”. Try something new today!

Sisi Yemmie – A Nigerian lifestyle who really does make cooking Nigerian food look easy! It’s refreshing to find a channel which showcases Nigerian cuisine so well.

Strictly Dumpling – Mikey Chen is another YouTuber living the dream, travelling the world, eating food and sharing his thoughts with us all to enjoy. I particularly enjoy his Chinese food recipe videos as well as his travel vlogs.

There are so many YouTube Foodies out there! Please leave your favourites in the comments below.

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