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The Puff Puff Ministry Puff Puff Box

Freshly made puff puff delivered straight to your door. FINALLY! Such a great idea that I wondered why someone hadn’t thought of it sooner – afterall you can get cookies, doughnuts and even cupcakes delivered to your home so it makes perfect sense to get puff puff too. I suppose many of us from West & Central African households are used to making them from scratch or eating them at our parties or for special occasions. But one thing 2020 has taught me is that every day of life is a special occasion and should be celebrated. I received these delicious puff puff with Plain, cinnamon sugar and oreo chocolate toppings as a gift to review for the site from The Puff Puff Ministry.

These are really good; thick and moist without being oily or greasy. The toppings are great, I’ve only ever really tried puff puff plain but these are such a great way to try them. I like my puff puff slightly warm because I usually eat mine before they’ve had a chance to cool down but that’s because I’m an over enthusiastic eater when I cook them from scratch, you won’t get these warm.

The Puff puff boxes are available to order via their Instagram page only, which I’m not usually a fan of, but the process was super quick for me (keep in mind as this was a gift I did not have to make a payment) and hopefully soon they’ll have a website which I think will widen their reach. Deliveries are to specific London locations only for now (remember at the time of writing this and filming the short video that it’s a start up food business so they will expand). But for now this is a great start! I’m wishing the Puff Puff Ministry well for the future and recommend that you try their service!

Updated August 24th: Puff Puff Ministry now has a website:

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