A Visual Taste of The Malaysian Kitchen

I absolutely loved my trip to Malaysia in 2011, it is a beautiful country and the food made the experience even more amazing!

I went along to the Malaysian Kitchen event taking place in London’s Southbank district on May 2 and it was pretty fantastic. If you haven’t had the chance to taste Malaysian cuisine yet you are missing out on some great culinary experiences. The cuisine is made up of a variety of Asian influences from curries to stir fries and there is something to suit everyone.

Here are some visual delights for you to feast your eyes on:

Malaysian Snacks

Malaysian Snacks

Savoury snacks

Savoury snacks

coconut chunk snack

Coconut chunk snack by DeliCoco

Chef Norman Musa - Kuala Lumpur Food Ambassador

Chef Norman Musa – Kuala Lumpur Food Ambassador


Satay Station!



Up close and personal with the Satay


Fresh ingredients


Stir fry dishes




Street food


Prawn fritters

Kon Lou Mee


Stir Fry in action!

It really was a fantastic day filled with fun and food. Have you tried Malaysian food before? What are your favourite dishes if so? If not make sure you find a restaurant  near you via The Malaysian Kitchen Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/malaysiakitchenUK/

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