A Swedish Midsummer Feast

I was recently invited to a Swedish Midsummer Feast by the folks at Scan Meatballs. The Midsummer feast was held at Aveqia, a cookery school that I know well! I had the chance to learn some Swedish Midsummer recipes.  Swedish food blogger Steffi Knowles Dellner was our host for the afternoon and she even taught us a traditional Swedish song, well she sang a song and we listened.

Along with a group of other fabulous foodies we made a traditional midsommarbuffé or Midsummer-buffet which included Scan Authentic Swedish Meatballs with lingonberry sauce, a traditional smorgasbord with pickled herrings, as well as a Swedish Midsummer cake. Since I don’t eat pork (the only meat I don’t eat…funny as I’ve even eaten reindeer whilst in Stockholm), I wasn’t able to sample the meatballs however I still enjoyed the other dishes that were part of the feast.

Swedish Feast

Swedish Feast


Preparing our Apple and Herring Starter


Potato gratin

Botanical Baker, Urvashi Roe was on my “foodie team” and we made a chickpea & sun dried tomato dip , a beetroot with horseradish dip and an apple and herring starter which was not only gorgeous to look at but delicious to taste.




Dips, Dips and more dips


Beautifully presented Apple and Herring Starter


The Meatballs that I never tasted…


This potato gratin was DELICIOUS. No words…just a picture!


A glimpse of the quiche


Swedish beer

Swedish Cake

Swedish Sponge Cake

We were also treated to some flowers garland making on courtesy of Botanic Events.

Flowers for the garlands

Flowers for the garlands

I had a great afternoon, not only was I able to try a range of food that I wouldn’t normally have tasted in the past but I met some really lovely people in the process.  I have also been inspired to try a new style of dining experience over the summertime with friends. Fun Foodie times!

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