A Taste of The UK's First Complete Range of Alcohol-Free Beers and Ciders - SMASHED - DRYNKS

A Taste of The UK’s First Complete Range of Alcohol-Free Beers and Ciders

I had the opportunity to sample DRYNKS‘ alcohol-free drinks brand SMASHED, which offers a selection of 0% beer, lager, ale and ciders, when I was recently sent a box of drinks to try as a gift. In the UK a lot of our time spent socialising revolves around catching up with friends or loved ones which, depending on your background, often includes alcoholic beverages. It is a nice (and healthy) however to have the option of drinking your favourite alcoholic beverage without the alcohol. With nearly half (48%) of people considering themselves as ‘flexi-drinkers’ who switch between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, it’s a great time to try something different like SMASHED.

The Manchester-based business secured one of Dragons’ Den’s best ever deals in March 2020 with Peter Jones amazed at how close to an alcoholic drink its SMASHED beers and cider tasted. I have to agree with the dragon on this and absolutely agree. As you’ll see & hear from the video below I was really surprised by how much the lager beer I tried actually tasted like beer:

DRYNKS is currently the only UK drinks brand that can produce the full remit of craft beers and cider because it owns the first and only state-of-the-art alcohol-free brewery which gently removes alcohol from premium craft beer and cider. This use of contemporary craftmanship creates a 0% drink that is truly sessionable. The drinks are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free (where possible) which makes them even more accessible to a wider market. I recommend these drinks as a great alternative especially for those who don’t/can’t drink alcohol. The range includes: Smashed Pale Ale, Smashed Berry, Smashed Lager, Smashed Cider and Smashed Citrus and you can order yours here.

This is a gifted item review – no financial payment was made for this post.

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