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Wild and game pates

The Pleasure of Pate with Wild and Game

I recently had the pleasure of sampling some more products from Wild and Game, this time from their new range of pâtés. I was sent their grouse, brandy and herb pâté, and pheasant, pistachio and port pâté to taste and review and I was extremely impressed. I absolutely love pâté and honestly wish I made it at home more often.

Wild and game pates

Wild and game pates

I mean I don’t have much of an excuse but I suppose once you have tried really well made pâté in a restaurant the urge to recreate isn’t quite there. This brings me onto the taste and quality of Wild and Game pâtés; they were restaurant quality for at home dining. I was blown away by the depth of flavour and texture of the pâtés which were made with such unusual ingredients. This is so much more than your standard chicken liver pâté and you can taste the difference immediately. Moreish is an understatement, I actually had some for breakfast! I loved both of these but I think the grouse just pipped the pheasant to the post in terms of flavour but honestly you will enjoy them both!

Wild and game pates

Wild and game pates

Both products are available now via wholesale or retail from the company’s website.

Here’s what Wild and Game co-founder Steven Frampton had to say about the range: “We’ve been working with our development chefs to perfect these recipes for some time. Our mission is to make game popular on British dinner tables all year round. It’s low-fat and readily available, so it deserves to be used more widely.  At Wild and Game we have a focus on traditional dishes that people already love, so pâté seemed a perfect addition to our range. We are delighted with the products our chefs have created. Game has been used for pâté for many years but they have created something truly unique here, and the gamey flavours of both pheasant and grouse are absolutely perfect for pâté.” I can certainly agree that they have created something truly unique here!  Go and treat yourself, you will not regret it!

#CookTalk with AngryBlackWunmi

#CookTalk with AngryBlackWunmi – Chickpea Curry with Coconut Quinoa

I had the pleasure of appearing on #CookTalk with AngryBlackWunmi, a fantastic new online cooking show in which we try healthy recipes and debate interesting topics. In this episode fellow guest Jonathan and I were cooking Chickpea Curry with Coconut Quinoa.

Chickpea Curry #CookTalk With AngryBlackWunmi

Chickpea Curry

The recipe can be found on