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A Taste of Zimbabwe in Farnham at Sadza

I recently had the chance to visit The newly open “Sadza African Restaurant” in Farnham, Hampshire with Mr WFD. It is a family run business which serves freshly cooked Zimbabwean (and Southern & Eastern African) cuisine.

To find such a unique restaurant in Farnham is surprising but also refreshing. I always encourage to explore like outside of the M25, as much I love London there are so many other places around England to discover which are full of wonderful surprises.

Chilli Sauce

Chilli Sauce


Sadza, Chicken Stew, Oxtail Stew, Greens and more!

The concept of the restaurant is to offer a taste of Africa in The UK, Sadza is a staple food in Zimbabwe and is made using maize flour, and once cooked might look like mashed potatoes to any novices. It is customary in many African nations to have a carbohydrate based dish as part of a main course which is accompanied by a stew or sauce of some kind. In Sadza there is an extensive buffet which includes vegetables, meat stews and sauces. It is an all you can eat buffet service with A La Carte only available for takeaway meals. The food is homely and cooked with care, it is not spicy (unfortunately for me) but there is a wide range of dishes to go with the Sadza staple dish. You can certainly taste the authentic flavours of Zimbabwe (although I have never been I have tasted the cuisine before) and the freshness of the ingredients.



The restaurant is also a gallery and features African art and sculptures. As well as a lovely atmosphere the service is delightful. I recommend that if you live in Farnham you should support this small business and even if you do not live there treat yourself to a day out and experience Zimbabwe in The UK.

Tea At The Fan Museum in Greenwich

I love fans, I actually own 4 (possibly a few more) fans which I use whenever the sun comes out in London.

I heard about The Fan Museum through the Greenwich Hour Twitter group, the power of twitter never ceases to amaze me. I took Mr WFD along for some afternoon tea and a wander around the museum. The museum itself is beautifully curated and well laid out with a friendly team.

2015-04-06 14.31.59 2015-04-06 14.34.33 2015-04-06 14.42.50

The Orangery at The Fan Museum is beautiful, you can visit it without going into the museum but I highly recommend that you make the most of this wonderful museum. Afternoon Teas are just £7! For that alone you really need to check out this beautiful venue. I had a pot of tea, a lemon drizzle slice and shared some of Mr WFD’s Victoria sponge. It was all divine.

The Fan Museum 2015-04-06 15.10.34 2015-04-06 15.10.47 2015-04-06 15.12.18 2015-04-06 15.16.59 2015-04-06 15.17.13

Side note that The Fan Museum ladies bathroom is gorgeous, it even won an award to prove how gorgeous it is!

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