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Four Simple Ways to Promote Your Food Business

When I’m not enjoying delicious food and writing my thoughts about food on this blog I run a PR business which means I know a thing or two about how to effectively promote brands. After coming across a number of food businesses since starting this blog I have figured out four very simple ways that EVERY single food business can promote their brands.

Invest in Good Visuals

Food photography is an amazingly powerful way of showcasing a brand, with the right images a simple meal can look like a work of art. Make sure you take the time to invest in good photography for your website, promotional material and social media. Review your food photography every year (bi-annually preferably) and if you change your menu make sure you get a new set of images done. Build a relationship with a reliable photographer so that they can become part of your food business journey. If you have food products it is possible to keep images for longer but its still worth considering refreshing them every couple of years as your range grows.

Image by Igor MiskeIf you are a start up and cannot afford to hire a photographer (I really encourage you to try to save up for professional photography) then invest in a quality camera, lighting and take good pictures – there are even good camera phones on the market however it might be worth taking a short course on how to use your phone effectively. Just make sure your images look good enough to eat!

Use Social Media

This might seem obvious but sometimes the most obvious seems to cause the most anxiety for some new business owners. Social media is one of the most effective ways of promoting a business and once you learn how to use the right platforms for your business you can turn followers into customers. The best social media platforms for food businesses from my experience are:

  • Instagram – Great visual platform
  • Facebook – Great customer relationship building platform
  • YouTube – Powerful means of engaging with customer base
  • Twitter – Combined with simplicity of structure and quality images can be a great way to engage with customers.

Here’s an eGuide that you can use that will teach you how to use social media effectively and provides more details on how to develop a social media strategy.

Invest in Public Relations

There are so many ways to use PR to build your food business credibility and enhance your brand visibility. Aside from getting standard press coverage it is a great way to solidify customer relations, build trust and incorporate your food business story into a long term PR strategy. Getting media coverage for your food brand is a great way to enhance your food brand’s visibility. Being featured on traditional media outlets such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines is always going to be powerful but do not lose sight of new media platforms such as blogs (like this one) and podcasts. Working with bloggers can be a great way to develop a digital footprint that makes an impact and also promote your food brand consistently.

You can also use PR to understand how to deal with a crisis if that ever becomes an issue for your food business. Take the time to attend seminars, hire a quality PR agency or keep reading and watching videos on how PR can help your business.

Create Video Content

Videos are such a powerful and easy way to promote food businesses. Using videos to give an insight into your food business journey or provide customers with a chance to take a look behind the scenes can build a bond between brands and their customer base.

  • Livestream – Periscope on twitter, Facebook Live and Instagram gives you a chance to tell a story and show your customers a different perspective into your business. Film while you’re creating, in the kitchen or at an event! It’s easy and fun.
  • YouTube – There is absolutely no reason why your food business can’t have a food channel on YouTube. It offers an opportunity for you as the founder to showcase your skills and it can really bring your food brand to life. It doesn’t have to be “TV perfect” it just has to be clear and easy to listen to, so get a good camera/camera-phone and a well lit kitchen and get filming.
  • Clips on social media – Short clips on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook are sometimes the best way to make an impact. They can go viral in the blink of an eye and change the way your food business is received pretty much overnight. A great example is a Turkish chef named Nusret Gökçe whose Instagram clip of himself seasoning a steak was one of the most shared visuals in 2017. It not only turned him into an online celebrity but the impact on his chain of Nusr-et steak restaurants was immense! I can’t wait for him to open one in London. Of course there is no way of knowing whether your clip will go viral, that’s something you can’t control but if you persist and are consistent it will make an impact on your food brand.

Ottoman steak 🔪

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I hope that you have found these tips useful and that you get to work using them in your food business.

A Tasty Chicken Surprise From Taste Inc!

I was recently sent a set of Taste Inc. 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillets to taste and review. I admit whilst I love trying new food treat I was a little bit skeptical. I like to cook my meat from scratch generally and limit the number of pre-packaged meat meals I have in my diet. However I was assure that this was 100% Chargrilled Chicken Fillet with no hidden meat extras.

Taste Inc Chargrilled Chicken

These Taste Inc chicken fillets are exactly what they say on the packet, a simple, mini inner breast chicken fillet. It comes in two flavours, Original and Spicy, and is chargrilled over sustainably sourced charcoal. You can actually taste the chargrilled flavour!  The product is completely natural, high in protein and low in fat and so it can be eaten as a snack, in a sandwich or in a salad. I’m also sure that fitness fanatics will love these. Here’s short video review (accidentally filmed in portrait but still a good video):

I won’t necessarily stop buying raw chicken to cook at home but for picnics and packed lunches and any time-sensitive events these are a great quality tasting alternative and they are healthy which is key!

Cheese Board Inspiration with The English Provender Co.

I love cheese and cheese loves me.

I honestly do not want to live in a world where there is no cheese.  I could eat cheese all day, every day if there were no associated health risks (always eat responsibly).


Aside from cheese itself, what I love is the relationship between cheese and other food groups. Cheese goes well with bread, olives, meat, grapes, you name it! Basically cheese is a symbol of hope for humanity. We should all be like cheese and come together in delicious unity. This is why getting sent some jars of The English Provender Co.’s chutneys to review as a gift was an absolute delight and an opportunity to dust off my fancy slate cheeseboard.

English Provender

As you can see the branding and packaging is absolutely brilliant. The attention to detail and quality of design makes each jar feel like a perfect gift for others or simply a gift to yourself.

English Provender English Provender chutney and cheese

I went with brie and blue cheese for my cheese board opting for the Hot Chilli and Red Repper chutney and the Plum & Bramley apple chutney on crackers, very simple but very effective. The chutneys taste homemade, they have a depth of flavour that would most probably be missing from a mass produced jar of chutney and the ingredients used are clearly high quality. What I particularly liked was that the chutneys whilst containing sugar didn’t taste like they were full of saturated sugars, this probably has something to do with the quality of the ingredients and how they are combined within The English Provender Co. recipes. They are rich and wholesome with almost a festive feel, these products would go great with mulled wine but obviously suitable for anytime of the year. These chutneys get a thumbs up from me! Make sure you give them a try with plenty of cheese of course.

You can find them in most major supermarkets, visit their website to find out more about the brand.