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The Deliciously Decadent Taste of Opies Fruits in Alcohol

The Deliciously Decadent Taste of Opies Fruits in Alcohol

I was sent a gift hamper of Opies fruits in alcohol recently and was both intrigued and excited. I had never tried fruits in alcohol at home, and I can’t actually recall ever really trying them outside of my home but perhaps they were included as part of a dessert or in a cocktail. But receiving this beautifully packaged and luxuriously branded set of goodies really did feel like a treat, a deliciously decadent treat.

As you can hear from my unboxing video I used the word lovely frequently because to be honest they really were lovely. Perhaps I could have found more descriptive terms to describe the taste sensation but I suppose I was responding to the way they made me feel. The fact that though steeped in alcohol the fruits contained within each jar are not overpowered by the alcohol surprised me but I think, though I’m clearly not an expert on the process of creating this delicacy, that it is because the fruits are in high quality beverages. And it is this quality that shines through across the product line and reflects that this is a family business that has been making products since 1880 in Kent, England. There is a care and attention to detail that I believe comes from familial bonds; creating something special with these bonds and using their love for each other to bring moments of love to the world.

In the gift hamper that I received were three new luxury fruits which have recently (as of 2020) been added to the Opies collection with each taking inspiration from popular and best-selling fruits and alcohol: Red Berries steeped in syrup infused with Pink Gin, Figs steeped in syrup infused with Luxardo® Dark Rum and Apricots steeped in syrup infused with The Famous Grouse® Blended Scotch Whisky.  I also received pickled walnuts and cocktail cherries. According to research commissioned by Opies, most of us serve and enjoy these luxurious fruits very simply – with a generous spoonful of cream. But, Opies have provided inspiration on alternative ways to enjoy these delicious treats whether it’s in bakes, drinks – even savoury dishes with their extensive range of easy to follow recipes.

These three new variants are available to buy in store or online at Waitrose or Ocado and other independent retailers. RSP £6.00 460g. You can also find them on the Sous Chef website which I have reviewed before.

Completing the collection are a selection of best-selling Opies fruits in alcohol that include: Black Cherries steeped in syrup infused with Luxardo® Kirsch, Peaches steeped in syrup infused with Courvoisier® and Baby Pears steeped in syrup infused with Luxardo® Amaretto. They are popular during the Christmas period as a gift but trust me you can treat yourself or someone special these jars of goodness at any time of the year and you won’t be disappointed.

This is a gifted item review – no financial payment was made for this review.

A Taste of The UK's First Complete Range of Alcohol-Free Beers and Ciders - SMASHED - DRYNKS

A Taste of The UK’s First Complete Range of Alcohol-Free Beers and Ciders

I had the opportunity to sample DRYNKS‘ alcohol-free drinks brand SMASHED, which offers a selection of 0% beer, lager, ale and ciders, when I was recently sent a box of drinks to try as a gift. In the UK a lot of our time spent socialising revolves around catching up with friends or loved ones which, depending on your background, often includes alcoholic beverages. It is a nice (and healthy) however to have the option of drinking your favourite alcoholic beverage without the alcohol. With nearly half (48%) of people considering themselves as ‘flexi-drinkers’ who switch between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, it’s a great time to try something different like SMASHED.

The Manchester-based business secured one of Dragons’ Den’s best ever deals in March 2020 with Peter Jones amazed at how close to an alcoholic drink its SMASHED beers and cider tasted. I have to agree with the dragon on this and absolutely agree. As you’ll see & hear from the video below I was really surprised by how much the lager beer I tried actually tasted like beer:

DRYNKS is currently the only UK drinks brand that can produce the full remit of craft beers and cider because it owns the first and only state-of-the-art alcohol-free brewery which gently removes alcohol from premium craft beer and cider. This use of contemporary craftmanship creates a 0% drink that is truly sessionable. The drinks are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free (where possible) which makes them even more accessible to a wider market. I recommend these drinks as a great alternative especially for those who don’t/can’t drink alcohol. The range includes: Smashed Pale Ale, Smashed Berry, Smashed Lager, Smashed Cider and Smashed Citrus and you can order yours here.

This is a gifted item review – no financial payment was made for this post.