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Varo Foods Jollof Rice

OK so the rice didn’t actually save my life but please understand that when I’m really hungry, I go through a series of stages which culminate in me thinking that the world will come to an end unless I get fed. On one particularly busy day I rushed home from a meeting only to realise that I hadn’t prepared anything and I was short on time before having to head back out. Thankfully I had been sent a box of Varo Foods* jollof rice as a gift to try. I had not tried their rice before, I had tried their Moin Moin, a savoury nigerian bean “cake” eaten with a main course. It was OK, a bit dry in consistency¬†but overall not too bad.

I received a box of 2 varieties of jollof to try, the coconut and vegetable jollof rice.

My favourite of the 2 is definitely the vegetable jollof rice – again it needs a touch more seasoning or salt but you can add to taste and I definitely like my rice spicier. The quality of the rice grains is fantastic and whilst it cannot compete with homemade/party jollof, it makes for such a good alternative.

Varo Foods Jollof Rice

It is refreshing to finally see Nigerian cuisine in the mainstream food space! Here’s to more from Varo Foods.

*No financial payment was made for this review. All views are my own.

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