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Bim's Kitchen Sauces

Hot And Spicy With Bim’s Kitchen Sauces

I had the pleasure of sampling Bim’s Kitchen Sauces a while back and was so impressed that I have been singing their praises ever since.

It was of course with excitement and joy that I was sent a hot and spicy gift pack from the lovely team at Bim’s Kitchen once again to taste and try.

Just received these delights from @bimskitchen can’t wait to sample them! #food #foodie #eat #cooking #africanfood

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The first treats that I couldn’t wait to try were the Biltong snacks which are a delicacy in the Southern parts of Africa. As soon as I posted a picture of the snacks on twitter followers from South Africa and Zimbabwe were salivating all over my tweets! I was sent the regular Baobab Biltong and the Hot Baobab Biltong and was taken on a taste sensation especially with the Hot Bilton. This dried beef meat snack is full of flavour, spicy with a touch of sweetness that comes through more with the regular biltong. I wish I had an ice cold beer to drink with these treats and I also wish the packets were even bigger, they are so moreish. If you love chilli as much as I do then the Hot Biltong is for you, it will blow you away but it’s only for the brave, if you don’t have a tolerance for heat then do not even try this! Absolutely delicious snack, better than a packet of crisps if I’m being totally honest!

Bim's Kitchen Biltong Bim's Kitchen Biltong

The main event came with the Sweet African Tigernut & Chilli Sauce which I used to make a prawn stir fry. Using the juice of tigernuts combined with chillies, tomatoes and spices, this sauce brought out the succulent flavour of my prawns without being overpowering. It definitely has a sweet flavour which although not too strong is evident so worked well with seafood. The beauty of Bim’s Kitchen sauces is that they actually taste homemade unlike some other high street supermarket sauces which often taste quite run-of-the-mill. There is an authenticity of flavour which is consistent with each product that gave me a “taste of Africa”, which in simple terms means rich, spicy and flavour-filled combinations of spices.

The African Chickpea & Moringa Curry Sauce was perfect with chicken and as you can see I simply allowed my drumsticks to marinate and soak up the sauce, I wanted more of a stew based dish and this worked so well. This is rich sauce which works well with chicken and I’m sure it will work well with red meat too as there is a depth of flavour which means it enhances the taste of anything it is cooked with. Made with creamy chickpeas, moringa leaf, coconut milk and tomatoes it can go with any meat or vegetables that you have available. It is not exceptionally hot in terms of chilli heat, although that being said my threshold for chillis is so high that it takes a lot to pack a punch these days.

African Chickpea & Moringa Curry Sauce African Chickpea & Moringa Curry Sauce

I really enjoyed this set of sauces from Bim’s Kitchen, which are gluten-free and I have every confidence that this brand will go the distance, not only as a food brand but as an ambassador for African Cuisine in The UK and around the world.

Greek Food Paradise at Fantasia Palace

I was recently invited to review the menu at Greek Restaurant, Fantastia Palace in the heart of West London as their guest and couldn’t wait to sample its delights. It’s not often that I get the chance to eat Greek food, growing up in East London I am more used to eating Turkish food which is similar but of course different! Located just a stone’s throw away from Edgeware Road and Paddington, Fantastia Palace is really easy to get to and very easy to spot. The building used to be an old English Pub, so it is full of quirky character and charm. Upon entering the restaurant, my friend commented that it felt like we were on holiday, in Greece. Whilst I have not yet been to Greece I could definitely see what my friend meant, it had the feel of somewhere near a holiday resort. The space is not huge and so diners are packed in, not quite like sardines but it’s not a wide space so I would recommend booking as the restaurant was busy and  full throughout the evening.

To start, I selected the Hot Mixed Starter which consisted of Haloumi, Pastourma, a type of beef sausage and dolmades, stuffed vine leaves. Every thing on my plate was delicious and I especially enjoyed the dolmades which were fresh and moreish. The Pastourma was a great savoury and slightly spicy sausage which I enjoyed with the haloumi cheese. My friend went for feta cheese which we both agreed was absolutely divine, smooth and rich in flavour. If there’s one thing that the restaurant ever decided to sell as a stand alone product under their brand it should be that cheese because it was superb.

Hot Mixed Starter Platter at Fantasia

Hot Mixed Starter

Feta Cheese at Fantasia Palace

Feta Cheese

For my main course I went for the grilled lamb cutlets served with rice and salad. It was as good as I expected, fresh ingredients without too much fuss, the type of meal you would expect from an authentic Greek restaurant. Good quality meat and the portion size was generous for the cost of the meal.

Lamb Cutlets

Lamb Cutlets

My friend opted for grilled seabass which was served with chips, although the bones sometimes got in the way my friend really enjoyed this, so much so that I didn’t even get a chance to taste it.

Grilled Seabass

Grilled Seabass

We ended our meal with some greek coffee which is strong and given the fact that I’m not normally a coffee drinker I am surprised I managed to finish drinking it.

Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee

Overall I had a lovely time at Fantasia Palace, the food was lovely and the service was prompt and attentive. I would love the restaurant to get an interior decoration makeover though, it just needs a bit of an uplift inside to bring out the best that I know it can be. I would recommend you wander down on summer’s afternoon (if we ever get one here in the UK) for some authentic food in London. Visit: to book a table!

Fantasia Palace, 28 Praed Street, London, W2 1NH