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Caribbean Food Week Hamper

Celebrating Caribbean Food Week With Grace Foods

Grace Foods is the UK’s number 1 Caribbean food and drink company and it is celebrating its fifth annual Caribbean Food Week, August 22nd – 29th    2016 in style! The fantastic team at Grace Foods sent me a bumper hamper of Caribbean food and drinks to party with and how I partied! Well perhaps not literally but my tastes buds certainly had an amazing time!

This year Grace Foods UK is holding its first ever Caribbean Food Week Food Festival at Windrush Square in Brixton, London, Friday 26th – Saturday 27th August 2016, featuring Caribbean street food, live cookery demonstrations, music and more!

Caribbean Food Week Hamper

Here’s a video summary of my experience:

My first party dish would have been perfect at a BBQ, I made fried chicken wings with the Hot & Spicy Chicken fry mix. Chicken wings can be marinated if you have time otherwise it’s as simple as coating the wings with eggs or milk and then mixing them up in bag containing the mix. I shallow fried for 15 minutes and then baked my wings for a further 30 minutes, takes longer than deep frying but healthier and tastes just as good. The spice mix is a perfect balance of flavours giving an authentic fried chicken taste. I particularly enjoyed the bbq jerk sauce with the wings and the more I type the more I know I know I’ll be having these again very soon! I quenched my thirst with some Jamaican ginger beer which was just as fiery as you would expect! Such a perfect summer drink! The hot pepper sauce was not hot enough for me though! Caribbean Food Week Hamper

I rarely eat ackee but when I get the chance to try ackee and saltfish I always enjoy the taste of this savoury fruit eaten as a vegetable. I found a really easy stir fry recipe in Levi Root’s cookbook using red onions, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chilli and sweet peppers. Just stir fry as you normally would and add the drained ackee at the end serving with rice. I REALLY enjoyed this, not only because it was unusal but because it is a great alternative to meat. The ackee is wholesome and moreish and went perfectly in the stir fry and tasted really good with a touch of hot sauce. Washed down with the Aloe drink which contains aloe vera chunks this was a delightful meal. 

Ackee Stir Fry

The final recipe I tried was marinade prawns in a coconut sauce which I discovered in Levi Roots’ recipe book again. Simply made by frying the onions and courgette with the jerk marinade and adding coconut sauce and the prawns which had been marinating for a few hours this dish is like a Caribbean-style Thai green curry. I really enjoyed this dish and although I may have put slightly too much jerk into the mix I have to say the ingredients worked really well together.

Caribbean Food week


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