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A Great British Polish Bakery Christmas Party!

I was recently invited to a very special Christmas party hosted by The Polish Bakery. Aside from giving us the opportunity to sample a range of baked products from The Polish Bakery we were treated to other food delicacies in a beautiful space within Ognisko Polskie, The Polish Hearth Club. There was plenty of food, drinks and great people, all the ingredients which make a fabulous Christmas party. It was also good to learn more about the brand and the ethos behind their breads and baked goods.

The Polish Bakery Christmas Party Cakes at The Polish Bakery The Polish Bakery Christmas Party

The Polish Bakery was founded in 2003 and it is the oldest Polish bakery in the UK. It is a traditional company and they attach a great importance to the quality of their bread. I tasted a number of variations at the Christmas party and can definitely recommend their sourdough and rye breads. One particular type of bread which stood out was their Chia Seed Bread which is made using a prolonged fermentation process and has no additional preservatives or enhancers, it also provides significant amounts of iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and manganese. So in terms of healthy eating this is definitely a “go to” brand to pay attention to.

The Polish Bakery Christmas Party The Polish Bakery Christmas Party The Polish Bakery Christmas Party

One thing that particularly struck me was that as a British-Nigerian food blogger invited to celebrate the accomplishments of a British-Polish food company, it is so important to celebrate the very thing that unites the United Kingdom. There is so much that makes Britain a great place, diversity being the greatest thing. If we celebrate our diversity and the opportunity to come together with food and culture we will fortify our unity as a nation. Just my thoughts , I hope you agree.

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A Taste Of African Luxury With Miss Nang’s Nutty Snack Treats

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