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7 Reasons To Love London Street Food

Kerb really knows how to throw a great food party!

I had been down to Kerb at The Paperworks in Elephant and Castle a while ago but was recently invited to join The Urban Food Routes and Seeds of Change team to celebrate the New Face of London as their guest.

I took Mr WFD with me to sample some of the food from newest faces on the London Street food scene and had the chance to sample some wonderful food.

Here’s are a few things I discovered!

1. Chicken Adoba is a cane vinegar chicken stew, served with jasmine rice and pickled peas from The Philipines. The fab folks at BBQ Dreamz made this portion and I gobbled it up quickly! It was delicious.

2014-09-18 20.47.21

Chicken Adoba

2. Kerb serves great beers which goes perfectly with pretty much all the street food we ate. I had this Nico beer from Orbit beers, it was light and refreshing. I preferred the name of “Queen of Diamonds” pale ale though…even if I didn’t like the taste.

2014-09-18 20.52.24


3. Cast Iron Kitchen make great steak sandwiches using the best Scottish beef around. There was a little bit too much bread for me (perhaps an over-sized bun situation) but the steak and pepper relish were fantastic.

2014-09-18 21.16.43

Cast Iron Kitchen

4. The Well Kneaded Wagon makes delicious “firebread” sourdough pizzas. I went for the vegetarian option and felt super healthy (after all the beer I’d been drinking, I needed to feel a little healthier).

Well Kneaded Pizza

Well Kneaded Pizza

5. The Bad Boys Bakery makes a difference through baking! It is a social enterprise based inside HM Prison Brixton which was established by Gordon Ramsey to give inmates the chance to learn new skills and make new life choices. I had a wholemeal bloomer and it was a lovely loaf of bread! Never mind Orange Is The New Black, Bread is the new…Bread…uhmmm anyway. They do great bread!

Bad boys bakery

Bad boys bakery

6. Papi’s Pickles cooks really unique and delicious homemade South Indian dishes and fresh pickles using the best seasonal, local and organic ingredients. Here is a picture of their Chicken Masal Dosa, crepes made from rice batter & black lentils, served with sambar & coconut chutney. Such an unusual combination and my favourite dish of the night, purely because I had never tasted anything like it before.

Papi's Pickles

Chicken Masal Dosa

7. There’s a fisheries service called SoleShare based in Hackney and it offers the most delicious oysters! I didn’t eat them all, even though I wanted to.  I did have one and it was large, succulent and juicy as an oyster should be.


Oyster heaven

Aside from the great food each and everyone of these food enterprises give back to the community through the work that they do. You can find out more by visiting The Urban Food Routes site.

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