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Have You Tasted Vietnamese Coconut Worms or Congolese Mpose?

When Insider shared this video clip online my immediate reaction was to squirm but then I also had to be honest and admit that I would try coconut worms. I would rather not try them whilst they are moving in the bowl.

They look so juicy and moreish and upon sharing my desire to try them (in a different way) one of my favourite twitter buddy‘s actually mentioned that there is a similar delicacy in Congo called Mpose in which the worms are fried and seasoned. Now that is a dish that I would love to try! I can imagine that they would be quite buttery in texture and fatty but in a good way. Here’s a video of Mpose.

What do you think? Would you try either of these dishes?

A Taste of Shaws Chutney – One of the UK’s oldest family food businesses

1889 was not only the year that Charlie Chaplin was born and the year that the Savoy Hotel in London opened, it was also the year that George Shaw first opened Shaws Relish Works in Huddersfield. To celebrate their 130th year, Shaws sent me some relishes and chutneys to taste and try out in the […]