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Taste: The Infographic Book of Food

Review by Jennifer Scott. Laura Rowe is one of the finest food writers based here in the UK though her influence and talent stretches world wide. With 10 years of writing experience under her belt, Laura Rowe has now published this wonderful new book of culinary facts, stats and info simply titled Taste. Taste is an info-graphic book that presents both essential information, wildly wacky facts and interesting tit bits about food, in a way that is visually enlightening, quick to assimilate and easy to understand. One of the qualities that stand out the most are the books simple yet highly stylized illustrations, created and designed by Vicky Turner, which make it an absolute pleasure to read. With useful tools such as conversion charts, basic recipes and a comprehensive table of seasonal produce, this book is a must have for both the kitchen novice and the master chef alike. In an age where reading through screens is all the rage, it is a rear treat to sit here in my kitchen diner with this beautiful, tangible and robust hard back book in my hands, thanks to the publishers, Aurum Press and the high quality of the finished product. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and find myself referring back to it again and again. I look forwards to reading Laura’s future publications.

Nikkei Cuisine: Japanese Food the South American Way

Review by Harriet Mupungu I used to be one of the least adventurous people when it came to food, tending to staying safe and true to what I already knew but ever since I started a food blog, I have got better at embracing and trying new flavours. When I think Japanese food, my mind […]

A delicious Lebanese experience

Review by Elvina Quaison

I have just eaten the leftovers from the recipes I made yesterday for lunch and it was so good. Colleagues commented on my delicious smelling lunch. Lebanese home cooking written by Kamal Mouzawak, Founder of Beirut’s Souk el Tayeb Market is a great cookbook covering the essentials:

  • Easy to follow steps that work
  • Great pictures that bring the book to life
  • Interesting information about the country the food comes from and a bit about the dish you are cooking
Lebanese Home Cooking

Lebanese Home Cooking

As a person who has to plan meals for being lactose intolerant and gluten intolerant I was delighted to receive this opportunity. I decided on making two vegetable dishes a potato dish called potatoes with green coriander and chile flakes or batata harra and a dish based on greens called wilted greens with fried onions or hendbeh b zeit. Again luck was in, I had just been gifted with Chard which I had never cooked or eaten before and there before me was a recipe using Dandelion greens or Swiss Chard.



The recipes were straight forward to follow, the language simple with no space for misinterpretation. Both dishes were quick to prepare and left you feeling a lovely sense of accomplishment, look at me mastering international cuisine!

Lebanese Home Cooking


Lebanese Home Cooking



I served my dishes with Sea Bass and those who were joining me to eat loved their meals. As quite fussy eaters it was a pleasure to watch them eat and ask for more.

The citrusy freshness of the potatoes just went so well with the greens and the light fish. The recipes feel very healthy and are light but filling. They will both definitely feature in my future repertoire of meals. I am really looking forward to exploring more of the dishes in the Lebanese home cooking book; I have my eye on the falafel and some of the stews especially good as winter draws near.

IMG_20151021_193553 Lebanese Home Cooking Lebanese Home Cooking

Definitely a great buy for exploring food from exotic and exciting places, I’ll keep you posted on future attempts.

Lebanese Home Cooking officially releases on 5th November 2015 and is published by Quarry Books. “Who’s For Dinner” received a review copy of the book, more information on the book can be found here.