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Fall In Love With Sweetheart Cupcakes

Will cupcakes ever get boring? Will we ever have enough excuses to taste a cupcake or 2 or 3? Well, London’s newest cupcake baking emporium has opened in Covent Garden and aims to bring our lovely city “baking happiness”.

Waltz along the Covent Garden market place and take in the sweet, mouth-watering scent of fresh, homemade baking that oozes from the pretty pink retreat.  The smell of baked brownies, crunchy biscuits and creamy cupcakes fill the air.

sweetheart cupcakes

Visually enchanting with a Victorian doll-house appearance and décor consisting of floral designs, polka-dot cushions and pastel coloured bunting, the boutique foodie paradise automatically provides a friendly, warm atmosphere: the type of place you retreat to, to feel at home, in the center of buzzing London.

All cupcakes and baked treats are fresh, prepared in house, right in front of customers’ eyes. Resembling a ‘home kitchen’, only free range eggs, top quality British butter and fresh milk are used, with minimal sugar, no sugary substitutes like Stevia, or any other additives… just like ‘mum’s home cooking’. Just thinking about this makes us feel warm and cosy!

sweetheart cupcakes

The Cupcake and Cake menu changes daily, with unlimited variety and tailor made options to choose from. Favourite flavours include Heart Melting Nutella, Oreo, Red Velvet, Wild Lavender and the must try Forest Fruit Yoghurt, with Sweet and Skinny varieties (containing 50% less sugar and fat) also available. The majority is crafted using Sweetheart’s finest marmalades and creams, along with spiced fruits and flower extracts.

You definitely can’t have cake without tea, or coffee for that matter, which is why the kettle is always boiling at Sweetheart. ‘English Rose’ tea and ‘Lovers’ Potion’ are summer preferences, teamed well with fresh biscuits, infused with spiced tea. Pink and purple lemonades are sure to refresh and for utter indulgence, the creamy milkshakes are unparalleled. When it comes to cappuccinos, Sweetheart’s prove to be the best in town, rich and full of taste.

Pop down to Covent Garden to fall in love with a Sweetheart Cupcake:

Sweetheart Cupcakes
34, Covent Garden Apple Market, Lower Level at Opera Performance Area, London, WC2E 8RE

Build Your Own Smoothie

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Another DegustaBox of Foodie Delights

Written by Fadzai Mankola

I received my first Degustabox this month and it was like my birthday all over again. First thing I thought was I can’t wait to have this surprise every month. I have to say it has helped me think out of the box and be more creative with my recipes, from my chia seed protein shake to my Borlotti bean soup I definitely expanded my horizons.


For instance I love popcorn, but have never tried chocolate covered popcorn thins. Now I took one bite out of the Metcalfe’s chocolate thins and I was hooked – they are everything you want in a chocolate fix but light and healthier than your normal chocolate bar. I have bought a pack every other day ever since I tried them and have converted friends and colleagues. All I am going to say is try at your own risk they are deliciously addictive!


Now Ciro Borlotti beans, I have had them before but I am always weary of cooking beans because you have to know how to cook beans right otherwise it can all go terribly wrong. However after one of my long days at the office I really fancied something hearty, warming and quick so I decided to make a Barlotti bean soup. The Ciro Borlotti beans saved the day, easy to cook, tender and filling they were so tasty and soaked up the simple Italian flavours of onion, garlic, celery, fresh tomato and Italian herbs well and they tasted delicious. It’s safe to say these Ciro beans are not your average bean.


Another firm favourite from the box was ‘Say Yes to no’ the alternative snack, they were really moorishly yummy! I opened them intending to eat one but ended up eating the whole pack! I was fascinated by the fact that they were just made out of bread and had no artificial flavours or additives but they tasted so good. Not ones to have every day but definitely have them in mind when I fancy treating myself or when I have friends round!


Another firm favourite in the box were the CAPE drinks think upgraded iced tea. Now I am not a fan of iced tea but these CAPE juices I loved. Made with rooibos tea, fruit juices and added vitamins they are nice and refreshing and made from only natural ingredients. I would definitely recommend! Another drink I enjoyed was making a protein shake topped off with chia seeds!


For more information about degustabox visit and use BLDEG15 for a £7 discount!