Build Your Own Smoothie

Words by Abiola Lawal

Build Your Own Smoothie by Michelle Keogh is a colourful collection of over 60,000 smoothie combinations! I didn’t even realise there were so many until I received a copy of this new book in the post. The handy flip chart outlines the top tips to make a perfect smoothie and also offers helpful guidelines on storing your smoothie so that you can make batches if you’re on the go in the morning or fancy a quick lunch/dinner fix. Smoothies also make great snacks. A great tip I found was freezing your different liquids, I found freezing flavoured tea into ice cubes and then adding them to my smoothie concoction gave a great taste, I also did this with coconut water.


This recipe book also suggested so many different base ingredients you can combine to make a delicious smoothie. Some are the usual banana and berries but other combinations you may never have even considered, like carrot, date, and cinnamon or mango, ginger, and turmeric. I had great fun combining a variety of flavours to make nutritious smoothies and this book encouraged me to be more daring and create something very out of the box like lemon and ginger tea (frozen) blended with spinach, mint and honey. Mmmm that was tasty.

The book also suggests different ‘boosts’ that you can add to your smoothies not only for taste but also added health benefits.

The layout of the book is really easy to use and I enjoyed how it was split into 3 sections; boosts, base and liquid. Another helpful element is that each ingredient suggestion comes with a useful tip and allergy guidance. This book encouraged me to increase my 5 a day and also aided me into having a much healthier breakfast.

unnamed-1 before after

Pictures show me making a vanilla yogurt, banana, honey and mint smoothie, Keogh’s recipes also suggested the use of chocolate bars which was fun and a bit naughty which I enjoyed. Health conscious but still fun for all the family, friends, neighbours and whomever else you’d like to whizz up a smoothie for. Go on get the book and throw a smoothie party.

The book is available to buy from all major online bookstores.


London’s First ‘Milk and Cookie’ Pop-Up

New York-style milk and cookie bar to open at Old Street station
Baking duo, Blondie’s Kitchen will be launching London’s first milk and cookie pop-up bar at Old Street tube station on Monday 17th October for two weeks.
Milk and cookies are a serious American treat and the Blondie’s Kitchen team are known for their delicious freshly-baked cookies with just the right amount of chew, crunch and ooze, Londoners can make a pit stop between 7am-7pm Monday 17th October to Saturday 29th October to try this latest food trend.
The WFD Team is excited…as the late great Bernie Mac once asked “Where are you going?

There are five flavours of cookie and three types of milk to choose from at Blondies Kitchen Milk and Cookie Pop Up Bar. Pair the Classic milk choc chip cookie with the jazzed-up Coco Pops Cereal Milk. Or combine the Oreo Stuffed Nutella with whole milk for the perfect creamy balance.
For those looking to take things to the next level (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then opt for any two cookies of your choice sandwiched with an outrageous Crunchie chocolate honeycomb mousse. Milk will be served in fun milk bottles.
Gluten-free and lactose-free diets are also catered for with the Gluten Who? peanut butter oats cookie and Rude Health almond milk. Buying a box for the office will earn you brownie points as well as a free bottle of milk (when buying five or more cookies).
Co-founder Chelsie Collins says: “Milk and cookie bars are a popular snack destination for many New Yorkers. With strong associations of home and family, this humble snack combination is a favourite across America. We hope our Old Street pop-up will tempt Londoners looking for a tasty snack this Autumn.”
Blondie’s Kitchen is a catering service founded in May 2016 by trained chefs, Chelsie Collins and Kristelle Levy. Training at Leith’s and Cordon Bleu respectively, Chelsie cut her teeth at BBC Good Food as a Cookery Writer and Kristelle has worked in restaurants for three years including Riding House Café and as Head Chef at Black Truffle deli in Primrose Hill for over a year.
Freshly baked daily by Blondie’s Kitchen, the cookies are one of the duo’s signature bakes. The Blondies Kitchen Milk and Cookie Pop Up Bar will be located opposite the ticket barriers at Old Street tube station. You even get a FREE bottle of milk when you buy 5 cookies! This pop-up sounds AMAZING!
Get involved!
Blondie’s Kitchen Milk and Cookie Pop Up Bar runs Monday 17th-Saturday 29th October 2016 from 7am-7pm
Fish and Chips at Sutton and Son

Fish And Chips With Sutton and Sons

I’m cockney, born and bred in Hackney which means that I was born within hearing distance of the Bow Bells. Being a cockney citizen has many responsibilities including understanding cockney rhyming slang (would you Adam and Eve it?), admiring the fashion trends of Pearly Kings and Queens and of course enjoying Fish and Chips on a regular basis. It’s really important for me to maintain my cockney heritage so when I was invited to sample the cuisine at Sutton and Sons I jumped at the chance (not literally of course, how many cockney high jump champions have you met? Don’t answer that please, this is a food blog). I went to their Islington Branch on Essex Road and was greeted warmly by their cool exterior, funky interior and friendly staff.

With a contemporary yet authentic setting Suttons and Sons succeeds in maintaining the traditional warm-natured setting of an East End Chippy whilst still being in keeping with modern times.

Sutton and Sons

Sutton and Sons is owned by husband and wife team Danny and Hana Sutton, who also own a fishmongers on Stoke Newington High Street and all the fish served in their restaurants is sourced from their own fishmongers.

Sutton and Sons

I wanted to taste pretty much everything on the menu but alas I do not have a bottomless belly so I opted for 1/2 a dozen snails in garlic butter to start whilst my foodie partner in crime went for battered calamari rings.The snails tasted as good as they look and honestly even though they are not normally part of a traditional East End chippy menu they were a welcome addition as part of the specials menu. The garlic butter soaked snails were wholesome and flavoured perfectly. I tried the calamari and you could definitely taste how fresh they were, not chewy or overcooked with the crispy batter and homemade tartar sauce, this was one of the best calamari starters I have tasted in a while.

Sutton and Sons Sutton and Sons

I suddenly had a craving for an oyster and asked to try one Maldon Oyster and can I just say I was in heaven. I love oysters and after having just one of these I actually wished I had chosen 6 oysters to start with instead of the snails even though the snails were good the oyster I tasted made me want to move in and live in the restaurant. Juicy, fresh and succulent, everything the perfect oyster embodies in just one shell!

Sutton and Sons

For my main course I went for traditional fish and chips and tried battered monkfish. It is a much “meatier”  fish than other fish options on the menu but I was not disappointed. The batter went perfectly with the monkfish and there is something to be said for freshly fried fish, something special about eating something that is so fresh. The flavours were perfectly balanced and with a huge portion of chips I found my “happy place”. One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the fact that the meal was not drenched in oil, it didn’t feel greasy and I didn’t feel bloated after eating this meal (something which happens if I eat heavy, greasy food). I had a gherkin with my fish and chips which as you can see was huge but perfect, I love gherkins so I couldn’t fault it! My foodie pal had a cod burger which I didn’t taste but which looked great!

Sutton and Son

Sutton and Son

I’m not the biggest dessert fan, I’m happy with a starter and a main but I wanted to at least taste the infamous apple crumble cheesecake. I love apple crumble but really don’t like cheesecake so I had a bit of an existential crisis…but I tried it for the love of food. I didn’t particularly enjoy it at all but my foodie pal loved it and would have wanted a bigger portion.

It didn’t matter that I didn’t really enjoy my dessert because everything else was so brilliant to be honest. You have to get down to Sutton and Sons and I mean it, not simply because it serves delicious, fresh seafood but because it’s an independent food business that is serving high quality food in a fab atmosphere, this is not just fish and chips this is a foodie experience!

Eating is my hobby! Proudly wearing my napkin as a bib!!!

Eating is my hobby! Proudly wearing my napkin as a bib!!!