More Delights From Degustabox

Each month the team at Degustabox sends me a foodie box to review and sample. The April box was filled with even more eclectic food treats that I have come to expect. If you don’t know by now Degustabox is a monthly subscription surprise tasting box. Every month Degustabox selects and sends out a different range of new and limited edition food products from well known and independent food brands. It is good value, for a monthly fee (with no commitment or obligation) of £12.99  customers get a box of goodies which is worth approximately twice that and delivery is included in the price.

Pomegreat Juice

I love pomegranates as a fruit but have never tried pomegranate juice so this was a bit of a taste adventure. It was refreshing and not too sweet which is always good as I find too often that fruit juice drinks can be overpowered by sugars and sweeteners. This drink tasted like freshly made juice and it was full of flavour.

degustabox degustabox

Crane’s premium cider with wonderful nuts turned out to be a hearty combination! The nuts were good quality although I found the portion sizes per pack to be very small especially in the pistachio pack. The Crane’s cider was sweet, a little too sweet for my taste but it was nice to try and it really doesn’t taste like cider (given that I’m not the biggest fan of cider this is a good thing).

Mrs Crumbs

Mrs Crumb’s Classic Madeleine were tasty but too sweet for me and that is purely because I have been cutting down on my sugar intake so I really can taste the sweetness in products more than I used to. That is not to say that it isn’t a lovely product, the cake was of good quality and as you can see it has been baked to perfection, it just wasn’t for me.

Misfortune Cookies

I love fortune cookies, they might actually be my favourite part of my Chinese meals so I was really excited to see these from Pechkeks in the box. Unfortunately as you can see it was broken before I had the pleasure of breaking it open myself but it was still cool. Tasted like a normal fortune cookie and the message was fun! This is a really cool product, I can definitely see myself buying a pack for a picnic or dinner party in the future.


These croissants were probably some of my favourite things in the box. Such good quality and tasty croissants which were perfectly kept in packs of two. Not too sweet, I heated them up gently in the oven and they tasted almost freshly backed. Will definitely keep an eye out for these in the future.

Jack Daniel's Honey GlazeJack Daniel's Honey Glaze

This Jack Daniel’s Honey Glaze barbeque sauce is a serious sauce! Thick and rich with that Jack Daniel’s flavour I wish I had a proper barbeque to cook the chicken wings on because it really was a taste sensation. I really enjoyed the authentic BBQ flavour with that whiskey kick, sticky, sweet and savoury it’s definitely worth trying.

Garofalo fusilli bucati corti IMG_3720

This authentic fusilli bucati corti from Garo Falo was my other favourite product. Good quality pasta which went perfectly with my homemade tomato and chilli pasta sauce. The consistency of the pasta reflected the authenticity of the product and the quality of the ingredients used to make it. Thoroughly enjoyed this pasta and wish it was more widely available.

Date Nectar

This great alternative to honey by Beloved was certainly unique. Tasting it on its own you can definitely get the date flavour but in a cup of tea it is a normal sweetener which is healthy and not over-powering. It is quite thick but I enjoyed trying this and would recommend that you give this a go if you’re looking for an alternative to sugar.

Kallo Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes

I really enjoyed these Kallo Milk Chocolate Corn Cakes, the sweetness of the chocolate was perfectly balanced by the subtle savoury essence of the corn cakes. A Healthy sweet treat which is light and tasty, really delicious.

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Bim's Kitchen Sauces

Hot And Spicy With Bim’s Kitchen Sauces

I had the pleasure of sampling Bim’s Kitchen Sauces a while back and was so impressed that I have been singing their praises ever since.

It was of course with excitement and joy that I was sent a hot and spicy gift pack from the lovely team at Bim’s Kitchen once again to taste and try.

Just received these delights from @bimskitchen can’t wait to sample them! #food #foodie #eat #cooking #africanfood

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The first treats that I couldn’t wait to try were the Biltong snacks which are a delicacy in the Southern parts of Africa. As soon as I posted a picture of the snacks on twitter followers from South Africa and Zimbabwe were salivating all over my tweets! I was sent the regular Baobab Biltong and the Hot Baobab Biltong and was taken on a taste sensation especially with the Hot Bilton. This dried beef meat snack is full of flavour, spicy with a touch of sweetness that comes through more with the regular biltong. I wish I had an ice cold beer to drink with these treats and I also wish the packets were even bigger, they are so moreish. If you love chilli as much as I do then the Hot Biltong is for you, it will blow you away but it’s only for the brave, if you don’t have a tolerance for heat then do not even try this! Absolutely delicious snack, better than a packet of crisps if I’m being totally honest!

Bim's Kitchen Biltong Bim's Kitchen Biltong

The main event came with the Sweet African Tigernut & Chilli Sauce which I used to make a prawn stir fry. Using the juice of tigernuts combined with chillies, tomatoes and spices, this sauce brought out the succulent flavour of my prawns without being overpowering. It definitely has a sweet flavour which although not too strong is evident so worked well with seafood. The beauty of Bim’s Kitchen sauces is that they actually taste homemade unlike some other high street supermarket sauces which often taste quite run-of-the-mill. There is an authenticity of flavour which is consistent with each product that gave me a “taste of Africa”, which in simple terms means rich, spicy and flavour-filled combinations of spices.

The African Chickpea & Moringa Curry Sauce was perfect with chicken and as you can see I simply allowed my drumsticks to marinate and soak up the sauce, I wanted more of a stew based dish and this worked so well. This is rich sauce which works well with chicken and I’m sure it will work well with red meat too as there is a depth of flavour which means it enhances the taste of anything it is cooked with. Made with creamy chickpeas, moringa leaf, coconut milk and tomatoes it can go with any meat or vegetables that you have available. It is not exceptionally hot in terms of chilli heat, although that being said my threshold for chillis is so high that it takes a lot to pack a punch these days.

African Chickpea & Moringa Curry Sauce African Chickpea & Moringa Curry Sauce

I really enjoyed this set of sauces from Bim’s Kitchen, which are gluten-free and I have every confidence that this brand will go the distance, not only as a food brand but as an ambassador for African Cuisine in The UK and around the world.

A Taste of Burt’s Guinness Toasted Cheddar Flavour Crisps

The team at Burt’s Chips sent me a couple of packets of their Guinness Toasted Cheddar flavour crisps recently. I’m always willing to try new flavours of crisps even though I usually try to play it safe, my favourite flavours being salt & vinegar and prawn cocktail. These crisps looked serious from the packaging to the flavour itself, you get the feeling that you’re in for something more than just the ordinary. I am not a fan of Guinness but I do love cheese so I was hoping that I would be in for a real treat with these crisps.

Guinness Toasted Cheddar flavour Burt's Chips

Alas they were just too strong for me, the cheese combined with the Guinness made for an over powering taste sensation that even I couldn’t handle! The crisps were thick and great quality which is reflected by the fact that the flavour was so intense on each crisp. However these aren’t for me but if you want to try a new flavour I would say give this a try but be prepared for a taste sensation. You’ll ever love them or you won’t, there’s no in-between here.