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If you don’t know by now Degustabox is a monthly subscription surprise tasting box. Every month Degustabox selects and sends out a different range of new and limited edition food products from well known and independent food brands. It is great value, for a monthly fee (with no commitment or obligation) of £12.99,  customers get a box of goodies which is worth approximately twice that and delivery is included in the price. Degustabox

We have 3 Degustaboxes to giveaway to 3 lucky winners. Simply follow the instructions below to enter!

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Watch the video below to get more of a taste of a “Degustabox” and leave a comment!

Ayamashe: The Nigerian Green Pepper Sauce That Will Spice Up Your Life

I bought  a jar of Hot Ayamashe at an event a month or so ago and just wanted to give a quick shout out to “Ayamashe” ready made sauces which is a great business idea, making this delicious traditional sauce accessible to the world. Ayamashe is sauce made from green peppers, green chillis, scotch bonnet, onions and palm oil. I love to make ayamashe from scratch but if anyone who has ever made it will tell you, the palm oil* bleaching process is a serious one, so make sure you have good ventilation before attempting it. Here is a recipe if you are interested in making your own homemade sauce:

ayamashe sauce

If however you just want that ready to eat experience this is a great alternative – you can eat this with plain white rice or fried yam. Make sure you add meat or fish (or any alternatives if you are vegetarian). I purchased the hottest in the range at £3.99 which was still not hot enough for me but still very delicious. I love to see Nigerian food products breaking into the mainstream food market, Nigerian food has so much potential and I can only see great things in the future for this cuisine.

Order a jar today and make sure you read the story about the origins of Ayamashe sauce:

* Just a note that the palm oil used in West African cooking is made sustainable unlike the palm oil sourced from regions in Asia which causes damage to the environment and wildlife. It is very important to make this distinction as many people have tarnished palm oil globally when the palm oil produced in West Africa is different.

June BBQ Degustabox

A June BBQ With Degustabox

Another month, another degustabox filled with summer time inspired foodie treats and goodies. If you haven’t tried the degustabox experience then you really are missing out on some fantastic delicacies! Give this monthly food subscription service a try.

Here are some of the products in the box which proved to be a fun foodie BBQ experience.

King Star Crafted Lager

King Star is a refreshing lager which is brewed with fine English pale malted barley and dry hopped with noble hop Styrian Goldings. I don’t drink beer as much as I used to but I enjoyed this crisp and flavoursome drink.


The Zeo Cloudy Lemonade is made with 98% spring water, blended with naturally extracted lemon flesh. It is lemonade for grown ups and is perfect for summertime, chilled straight from the fridge.


These butter waffle crisps are a traditional biscuit originating from Flanders agriculture country side of Belgium. They are sweet and buttery in flavour, I enjoyed having them with tea but I’m sure they would taste great with ice-cream.


This relish is absolutely delicious and moreish, as you can see I had mine with chips and to be honest you can have it as a dip for anything. The perfect balance of spice, zest with a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes makes this a perfect relish, it was my favourite product in the box.


These Smooze ice treats are perfect for a hot summers day! The fruit flavours come through perfect particularly as they are made from freshly pressed coconut milk, which works so well the sweetness of the mango flavour. Unlike other ice pops you can tell that there are no artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Sacla pesto pasta

The sacla pesto pots are absolutely fantastic and perfect for portion control and waste reduction, particularly if you are cooking for 1-2 people. The pesto itself is flavoursome and authentic, if a tiny bit too salty for my taste but overall a true delight!

Haywards Pickled onions

Haywards medium & tangy onions are a bit of a retro treat which were not to my taste but certainly a welcome change to the usual when adding it to my cheeseboard. I could only have one onion at a time as they were too tangy for me, they are gorgeous to look at though as you can see!

Butterkist Butterkist Yogurt coated popcorn is not to my taste unfortunately. I found it to be far too sweet and the coating to be very think but I know some people will love this product! Give it a try if you’re looking for a new popcorn treat.

June BBQ Degustabox

For more information about The June Degustabox visit: and order one for yourself!