A Festival Of Food For Caribbean Food Week

It is so great to celebrate Caribbean Food Week again this year after a great food week last year. This year’s bumper package from Grace Foods was filled to the brim with ingredients, spices, drinks and treats. There are so many options and Caribbean recipes available to try something new and I was so excited to get stuck in!  Caribbean Food Week takes place on August 21-28th 2017.

Here is a quick and easy recipe for oven baked jerk chicken thighs. Rub the Dunn’s River Jamaican Jerk seasoning into the chicken and marinate overnight or for at least 4 hours. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and pour a small amount of sunflower oil into suitable baking dish. Place the chicken pieces skin-side up into the baking dish and bake in the oven for 70-90 minutes depending on the size of the pieces Turn the oven on to broil, and cook until the skin crisps, 2 to 5 minutes. I had these with spicy rice which was simply basmati rice with curry powder, chilli powder, all purpose seasoning, a touch of salt and mixed vegetables (one of those home recipes that you never actually write down but always tastes delicious).

Caribbean Food Week Jerk ChickenJerk Chicken and Rice

I had to include some Encona hot sauce which has always been my favourite hot sauce and I pride my self on knowing a thing or two about hot sauces!!! The entire meal was delicious and the ingredients used really were a festival of the taste buds.

Sweet Plantain Chips

I love plantain – fried, boiled, grilled you name it! Plantain chips are the absolute best healthy alternative to crisps and these Grace sweet plantain chips were lovely. Perfectly sweet and crispy, just what you want and need for a snack. Each pack contains 2 servings and surprisingly I managed to stretch them out to 3 servings! Grab a bag if you can and get into the spirit of Caribbean Food Week.

Here’s my Caribbean Breakfast which I loved – ackee and saltfish is so moreish! I love the creamy texture of ackee combined with the fish and other ingredients. It is very easy to make and recipe is literally on the tin of ackee!

I managed to make curried goat with the hot curry powder from the pack and when I say it was delicious you will just have to  take my word for it. There wasn’t even a grain of rice left on my plate. The seasoning combined with the meat was just so moreish. I used a recipe from a Levi Roots cookbook which you can also find online, served with plain rice and a boiled plantain (I told you I love plantain). This is the perfect party dish!

curried goat

These dishes would all make an ideal street party spread. Alas I didn’t get a chance to organise a group of friends together in time to make it happen but I hope you can still catch a Caribbean food party vibe with each of the recipes.

I received no payment for this review, all items were gifted.

Food Podcasts

3 Podcasts That Every Foodie Should Check Out!

Podcasts are all the rage in the new media landscape at the moment. They offer a great alternative to traditional radio and are perfect to listen to on the move or as you work. Funnily enough there still aren’t as many foodie podcasts as one might expect, particularly in the UK so it was fun compiling this list.

Check out our great list of Podcasts that every foodie should check out and make sure you tune in!

The #WomenInFood Podcast brought to you by the Female Foodpreneur Collective. An empowering podcast for women in the food industry (and don’t worry men can tune in and learn something too).

Female Foodpreneur Collective

Table For Two is a brand new foodie podcast based in London for the simple love of food. We’re loving the branding already and can’t wait for the podcast to grow and flourish in the UK and internationally.

The Africa Show is hosted by the dynamic duo Lyande and Yolisa, as they explore African Travel, Food and music and interview guests from around the African diaspora. This is a great show which captures a diverse range of African Diaspora issues and is one of the few radio shows/podcasts that features African Food on a regular basis anywhere in the world!

The My African Hob Sierra Leonean Supper Club Launches In London

My africa hob

Growing up in Sierra Leone, and emigrating to England in her youth, Sylvia Browne has always enjoyed the West African cuisine and culture of her homeland. Completing two science degrees gave her a deep insight into the importance of nutrition and healthy eating and she wanted to create a supper club to showcase her passion for African cuisine and healthy living. Long term Sylvia hopes to turn this venture into a profitable business with a wider reach across The UK.

East London based Sylvia’s vision is now coming to life as she becomes a food entrepreneur and businesswoman with this supper club partnership.  In August 2017, Sylvia will be teaming up with Suzanne Tiega, Restaurant manager at Nando’s and previously Garfunkel’s, who is an expert in customer service and the restaurant business.

“African dining is growing and gaining momentum every year. Now is the time to launch this supper club. There is a hunger for culture from the continent of my birth. I see this coming from the second, and third generation African and British foodies. I have been lucky to meet Suzanne who comes from Cameroon to help me launch the next event. She is a star at meeting and greeting front of house who will raise the bar in African customer service”, says Sylvia.

The next My African Hob supper-club will take place on August 5th 2017, in Hammersmith, West London. It will serve dishes including Banana fritters (akara), Skewered roast beef and Black eyed beans stew. You can book your place here: https://myafricanhob-supperclub.eventbrite.co.uk

Website: https://myafricanhob.com/